There is a musical world before and after Post Malone

On the final day of Rock in Rio, the attention was split between Malone, Anitta and Jason Derulo, all with real crowds.

At 26, Austin Richard Post has created his own style: the absence of a defined style. So mixed between genres and sub-genres of music that definitions are impossible and even useless, leaving a way of singing, composing and acting without borders or classifications. In Post Malone there is hip hop, rap, R&B, rock, grunge, country, trap and the result is victorious; hit after hit, luxury collaborations, Grammy nominations. With a new album released this month, ‘Twelve Carat Toothache’, the American’s return to Portugal was set to go well – and it did.

Glass in hand, ready for the party, as he never tired of saying – his interaction with the audience was, in fact, constant – and seemingly alone on stage, with the attention of a real human mass that he was losing sight of himself. , Malone never got in the way. He attacks the setlist with “Wow”, and soon continues with one of his greatest hits: “Better Now”, from the second album “Beerbongs & Bentleys” released in 2018, and perhaps one of the themes that made him travel the most in the world. world. From the very beginning, he never ceased to thank the audience, the attention, the opportunity to celebrate.

Besides, he said, about the song that followed, that it was written as a celebration of life, to live each moment as if it were the last: it was “Saint-Tropez” , followed by a theme from the new album, “Cooped Up”, originally edited with Roddy Ricch. Always new “Twelve Carat Toothache”, followed by the already popular and round “I Like You”.

During a little over an hour of concert, there was still time – among the constant thanks of an audience that cheered and called for Malone at every interval – to play the guitar, to break the guitar, to dance and themes such as the hit “Circles” from the hit album “Hollywood’s Bleeding”. Or “Take What You Want”, made with the mythical Ozzy Osbourne who appeared on the screens; “I’m falling apart”; Sunflower,” from “Spider-Man”; and even “Rockstar.” “I love you more than life itself,” Malone said at one point, constantly assuring he was radiant, in the “best place in the world” and remembering how good it was to come back after the pandemic, all in front of the vast majority of the crowd of 80,000, who totally sold out the City of Rock on the last day, remaining resistant to the wind and the fatigue, without lifting the foot.

Hurricane Anitta

Some people, however, left exhausted by the passage of “Hurricane Anitta”. There is actually an unauthorized biography about the life of the woman who brought Brazilian funk to the world. Published in 2019, the book “Furacão Anitta”, by Leo Dias, tells the story of Larissa, or Anitta, from her childhood in Rio de Janeiro, remembering the beginning of her journey, the difficulties and her path also for the marketing that transformed her, now 29, into a singer, dancer, actress and global businesswoman. It was this Hurricane Anitta that swept through Rock in Rio on the last day of the festival and brought the mass crowds back two years later.

Always with daylight, the Brazilian entered the scene without forgiveness: “Onda Different” opened the crowd, followed by “Me Gusta”, “Contatinho” and “Some que ele vem vez”. Anitta first showed up with a colorful bodice, and after the shock of losing the costumes, we realized that here too they were part of the show – just like the dance, the set design, the dancers: everything more than repeated, at the same time when it sometimes seems not to be very spontaneous. The audience didn’t seem to care though: all over the room, people of all ages sang and danced to the upcoming “Papapa”, “Gata” and “Sua Cara”, the song featuring Major Lazer and Pablo Vittar. This theme alone has over 550 million views on YouTube, to give you an idea. “Portugal, what a delight”, repeated the carioca.

After the song made with Dadju, “Mon Soleil”, came one of his biggest themes. “Envolver” rocked the City of Rock, but there were still many more, like “Rave da Favela”, “Vai Malandra”, “Movimento da Sanfoninha” or “Show das Poderosas”. In the afternoon, JN spoke with a large group of English people, who had traveled to the two days of the last weekend of Rock in Rio 2022. The reasons? Duran Duran the first day, Anitta the second – the hurricane is already sweeping the world.

Even earlier, it was Jason Derulo who was on the main stage. The fellow dancer entered with “Watcha Say”, gripping an already impossibly tight sea of ​​people despite the hour. Surrounded by dancers, he went through songs like “Wiggle”, “Take You Dancing” and of course, “Savage Love”, a theme that has sent everyone homebound in 2020, from movie stars to people. elderly and children together. dance in the TikTok. At Rock in Rio, which Derulo called “the biggest party in the world,” the singer spoke about the power of a song and a network to unite people. Here he united this already undefined part of the world in something probably unprecedented even in RiR: thousands in this choreography together, as if it were a giant flash mob. Among other career successes and the “viral” presentation of a new song, “Slidin”, Derulo once again showed his vocal power with “Time to Say Goodbye” by Andrea Bocelli and an instrumental extract from “Seven Nation Army”, driving the crowd to blush.

Opening the Mundo stage, HMB, kings of groove and good wave, entered with “Não me Leves a Mal” and no one took it: the Portuguese group was playing for a well-composed and growing group. The crowd joined in and HMB pulled out all the stops to keep the crowd going: floor seating, sideways competition, choreographed applause and, of course, hits from “Paixão” to “Peito” . “A party is only a party if everyone comes together,” they said at one point, somewhat summing up the spirit of this year. During the four days of Rock in Rio 2022, several styles and unforgettable concerts took place: only on the main stage there were names like Muse, The National, Ivete Sangalo, A-ha, Duran Duran. Nearly 300,000 people will have been over the four days, in a return to major demonstrations which, despite the timid start to summer and the floods of people, did not experience major problems. This year the event wanted and always felt in the room, from the groups to the public, not only to celebrate music but also the possibility of being together to be able to experience it. The next edition of Lisbon is already planned, for 2024.

“One Minute Attention Please”

Because the 2022 edition of Rock in Rio was special, because it represented a return of which we did not know if and when it would arrive, a new moment was created, every day. On Palco Mundo, before the last group, short words became striking to call the public: “One minute of attention please”, heard in the unique voice of Simone de Oliveira. A message was then transmitted, recorded by her, which marked the celebration of being together again, of celebrating and living the music, in Bela Vista Park. Then followed the fireworks and the RiR anthem: “if life began now; and the world was ours again”.

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