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doodles hired singer Pharrell Williams as brand manager last week. (Image: Doodles/Reproduction)

Launched last October, the collection of non-fungible tokens (NFT) doodles has grown in popularity, earning its place among the biggest collections on the market.

doodles is a collection of 10 thousand NFT unique, developed on the blockchain of Ethereum. Currently, the minimum price for an item in the collection is 15 ETH ($17,000).

new hires CEOJulian Holguin, who was president of Billboard before doodlesplans to have the collection exceed 500 million US dollars in sales already recorded.

“We want to create joyful experiences for people in whatever product we create, whether it’s a video game, a profile picture, or real-life attractions,” Holguin said in a statement. interview with Business Intern.

the CEO of doodles intends to go beyond NFT. Holguin wants to transform the company into an entertainment and multimedia brand in the Internet 3.0 which will have entertainment, music and movies.

To drive this trajectory, doodles hired the famous singer and music producer Pharrell Williams as brand manager last week.

On the same day, the company announced that it had held the first fundraiser, led by Seven Seven Six, led by Reddit co-founder Alexis Ohanian.

Data from the CryptoSlam website shows that online sales of doodles increased by more than 1000% on Wednesday, which coincided with the presence of doodles at the NFT.NYC event in New York.

Doodles 2 is coming

The next collection of NFT of the society, doodles 2will be cheaper, which will lower the barriers to entry into the world of non-fungible tokens, according to the CEO.

“The economy presents a macro challenge for everyone right now,” Holguin said. “But we are diversifying our business so that we are not entirely dependent on the price of cryptocurrencies. Otherwise, doodles 2 It will be a more affordable project from a price point of view.

the CEO of doodles added that the current scenario in the crypto market is a sign of a “great maturation process,” and that he believes the strongest projects with the most engaged communities will be even stronger than before.

“Yes, the economy is going through a tough time right now, but it won’t last forever,” he said. “doodles is there to allow everyone to channel their inner child and understand that anything is possible with the power of imagination. We are more optimistic than ever”.

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