What do we want in the next game

Final Fantasy 7 Revival was announced as the second part of the new game trilogy of Square-Enix and sequence of Final Fantasy 7 Remake. Therefore, there are several important events in the classic game not counted yet and we want to see.


Chocobo breeding

With the story taking out the Midgar group, it is expected that some kind of larger region will be placed to give the player the same feeling of traveling the world in the PS1 classic.

Reading: Square Enix

Chocobos have already appeared in Final Fantasy 7 Remake and are also a crucial part of the game, especially with the classic’s complex breeding system. Not only was it possible to create your own birds, but some were needed to complete secondary objectives, like the Gold Chocobo.

golden saucer

Gold Saucer is a place not to be missed in the story of Final Fantasy 7. Here, in addition to being introduced to an important character, is where the heroes have access to an amusement park full of attractions .

Image of Gold Saucer, kind of park/casino in Final Fantasy 7 on PS1

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With the various mini-games placed in Final Fantasy 7 Remake, it’s not hard to imagine what can be done with Gold Saucer in the next game, from secret rewards to differentiated side quests.

Costa del Sol

Speaking of minigames and side quests, the popular “beach map” can’t be missing in Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth. The second part of the story should take the group to several locations and one of them is the Costa del Sol.

Image of an excerpt from Costa del Sol in Final Fantasy 7 on PS1 with all the characters in the group: Cloud, Aertith, Tifa, Barret, Yuffie, Red XIII

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The region snippet is brief even in the PS1 classic, but it would be interesting to see objectives in place and even teammates like Barret trying on his sailor outfit.


The quest that begins with Yuffie stealing all the Materia from the party is also a big point that could become a more pivotal part of Rebirth’s story, after all, this is where the party is taken to Wutai.

Image of the Wutai map in Final Fantasy 7 on PS1

Reading: Square Enix

Already in Final Fantasy 7 Remake, Shinra shows a desire to fuel the war against Wutai. In this way, it is possible that further developments will be given in the next game.

Knights of the Round

Breeding the aforementioned Chocobo was key to obtaining one of the most powerful items in Final Fantasy 7 on PS1, the game’s strongest summon: Knights of the Round.

Image of the 13 knights summoned with Materia from Knights of the Round in Final Fantasy 7 on PS1

Reading: Square Enix

In the original game, it was only possible to access the location needed to get the Materia with the Golden Chocobo, but since it’s the most powerful summon, it would be fair to give some content at more or at a certain depth. If not in Rebirth, who knows in the final game of the trilogy as a crucial part of Arms combat?

fewer runners

Final Fantasy 7 Remake takes place exclusively in Midgar, so the narrow hallways and predetermined paths make sense. However, after the group leaves town, the world expands.

Image of the runner in Final Fantasy 7 Remake on PS4

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That way at least some open space, especially in the stretches between one city and another, would be welcome in Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth.

Zack’s Fair

Zack Fair is one of the most beloved characters in the Final Fantasy 7 universe and hugely important not only to the game’s story, but also to protagonist Cloud Strife.

Image from the trailer for Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth, the second installment of the trilogy that started with Remake, which arrives in 2024, featuring Zack and Cloud

Reading: Square Enix

His presence in the trailer piques the curiosity of any fan of the series and it would be a shame not to have good excerpts explaining what his presence in the title may be like as a playable character.

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