GTA 6 | Rockstar Games needs to change these small but important in-game details

Like a rock star games further develop the Grand Automatic Flight 6fans of Grand Theft Auto want nothing more than access to a gripping story and absolute mayhem in the new edition. And with the success of GTA onlinefans know that the rock star can reserve many surprises GTA 6.

Considering all the changes that the rock star must have already done for the GTA 6it needs to do some small, but important, renovations in the context of the game, which would make it even more appealing.

Small and important details that you must have in GTA 6!

Character physics system

One of the most popular features introduced in GTA San Andreas was the ability to go to a gym and change the physique of the JC. Depending on the player’s choice, he can have a lean physique, a muscular physique, and a fat physique. However, in addition to the visual difference, the physique chosen by the player can also affect the overall performance of JC.

For example, a JC fat finds it difficult to run and overcome obstacles, in addition to being ridiculed by others. During this time, a JC lean and muscular gives you greater mobility and strength. Such a system can greatly affect immersion levels in the GTA 6especially since this visual choice can affect game mechanics.

GTA 6 |  Rockstar Games should change these small but important details in Game 1

Personalization of clothes

Thanks to GTA Vice City e San Andreas, players have access to different types of clothing. This added a great level of customization that would carry over to future games and even GTA Online where certain outfits, such as certain jackets, can be changed.

However, despite the various options of GTA 5 e GTA onlinethey still don’t have the specific level of game customization like Saints Rowwhere players can customize not only colors, but also textures and logos.

The clothing customization system in GTA 6 you can add new options, such as the ability to customize colors manually or through palettes, and you can change their basic appearance, such as creases and other embellishments.

GTA 6 |  Rockstar Games should change these small but important details in Game 2

Interact with NPCs

not the universe GTApedestrians are given a nature to exist simply to populate the roads of the game setting. However, when games like city ​​of vice were launched, pedestrians began to be programmed with more realistic actions, such as talking on the phone, sitting on benches, smoking, as well as talking and fighting with each other.

However, player interactions with pedestrians may still be limited at times. GTA 6 can add a little improvement in the form of other forms of interaction, such as greetings, funny comments or even insults that can generate multiple results, just like we had something similar in San Andreas.

GTA 6 |  Rockstar Games should change these small but important details in Game 3

Return of the respect system

One of the most innovative features of GTA 2 e San Andreas it was the respect system. so many GTA 2 How many San Andreas encouraging players to do things favorable to a particular gang to increase their respect, allowing more members of their gang with a certain level of respect.

This feature has not returned in any other game, and the closest is the “Organization Leader / Tycoon” It’s the “President of the automobile club” Nope GTA online. It is also something that GTA 6 could present. Whether GTA 6 introduce multiple gangs, respect can play an important role in side quests and throughout the game’s plot.

GTA 6 |  Rockstar Games should change these small but important details in Game 4

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