Find out how the cryptocurrency system will work in Balneário Camboriú; first in Latin America

Balneario Camboriu, in North Coast of Santa Catarinais expected to innovate once again and be the first city in Latin America to have its own cryptocurrency through a token system, the BC Token, which is expected to enter circulation by September.

The initiative is designed by Wayne Soluções Digitais, a specialist in cryptocurrencies and blockchain, which is a non-government-controlled digital asset that enables online and face-to-face payments, and the instant sending of money anywhere in the world at low cost. using only your cell phone.

Balneário is preparing to have its own cryptocurrency in circulation by September – Photo: Shutterstock/ND

“Designed to be part of the daily financial life of everyone in the city, from tourists to traders to investors, BC Token will grow in value as it gains market volume, similar to how the digital currencies like Bitcoinfor example,” says Anderson de Almeida, a multi-industry entrepreneur who is CEO of IHit, the developer of the project.

Apart from being passionate about popularizing the Metaverse, Anderson has seen one of his cryptocurrency projects valued at 3600% in 2021. The BC Token platform also supports trading functions related to the Metaversas virtual tours of real estate in the city for purchase, sale or rental; benefits such as discounts on tourist and entertainment transactions at Balneário Camboriú; the possibility of settling the token at any time for Real.

“BC Token will be an asset, and also an NFT platform for the Metaverse with images generated by the users themselves with accessible technological tools”, details Anderson about the project which is in the phase of adjusting partnerships for its implementation and its popularization. .

The entrepreneur completes: “Balneário Camboriú is our laboratory, we are going to innovate in this city which is avant-garde by nature, but the plans of iHit Full HUB are to activate virtual currencies in other municipalities of Brazil later This year”.

Up to 60 days, before the official start of the BC Token operation, there will be a pre-sale of the coin where people can buy it at a lower value which will be valid after the official launch. Utility tokens are decentralized assets that provide access to certain products or applications.

The BC Token Utility is a management tool that works in a simple and efficient way in the market, in the case of BC Token and the bcwallet tool, it can be used in commerce, as a means of payment, receipt and exchange. sending money.

A blockchain is a decentralized, distributed public digital ledger used to retrieve transactions across many computers so that the record cannot be changed retroactively without changing all subsequent blocks and network collusion.

Blockchains are constantly growing as a new block is “mined” and are recorded in a chronological format from most recent to least recent. It offers market participants the ability to track their digital currency transactions without any form of central ledger.

For each computer connected to the network, there is always a blockchain copy dedicated to it and downloaded automatically.

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