Fall Guys (Switch) details the activities that will feature in its first free season

The developer Mediatonic has made available, this Monday (20), a new trailer of fall guys (Switch), in addition to more information on the season which will begin on June 21, the date on which the title battle royale will be free to play.

According to the studio, seven new Sleeves will appear during this season, titled “Free for All”. See them in action in the video above and find out more details in the official notes below:


Free for All brings 7 new towers at launch, plus 5 new obstacles!

  • DOWN TO EARTH: You’ve heard of False Step, but have you ever tried jumping from block to block while the whole floor is spinning? He has a way of being very difficult, but you seem to be up to the challenge!
  • VOLEIBORA: Volley wants to know: who can throw the ball across the court without the other players sending it back to their side? Whoever touches the ball to the ground of the other player wins!
  • FAST CIRCUIT: Speed ​​Circuit brings a new level of chaos and momentum to Fall Guys! Navigate the obstacles on the way and complete three laps around the circuit without getting thrown into the misty mud.
  • CINNAMON TABLET: an obstacle course to test your skills in Fall Guys. With obstacles like speed hoops, jump ropes, and bungee floors, you’re going to have to learn a thing or two. For both new and experienced players, there are multiple ways to cross the finish line in this legendary test of speed and agility.
  • QUICING PARTY: everyone loves bouncy castles, but what would it be like to cross the Tombão Dome in one? The new material used in Festa Quicante makes the floor very elastic. One jump and you’ll fly away! The springy floor can be your friend or your foe as you bounce through the hoops to score points.
  • NONSTOP: In this swirling round, players appear in a rotating ring and must jump over the ropes to avoid falling into the mud! Miss the jump and you’ll end up with pink mud in your ears for weeks!
  • DETONATING BALL: and, finally, we received Detonating Ball. Players spawn on a platform in the Fall Guys arena, and parts of that platform crumble over time. They pick up detonating balls and throw them to knock others into the mud!
  • AND MORE! We still have one more new special secret trick we’re releasing this season, but you’ll know more about it soon!


  • Now you can voice chat if you are in a group with friends!!!
  • New shows in custom shows (including Stadium Stars)!
  • Most custom shows can now be run with just 2 players – hooray!
  • Added new crown tier rewards, including the legendary Golden Dragon
  • You can now see your crown rank progress on a separate screen
  • You will now have weekly and marathon challenges to complete in addition to daily challenges
  • New Season Pass with 100 incredible levels and the ability to use Skip Level!
  • All players will have automatic access to unlock 50 levels!
  • New store layout
  • You can now grab tails and crowns when diving!
  • Automatically catch! Free for All brings the ability to automatically grab ledges in-game, which will be enabled for all new players! Jelly Beans that have been with us for a while will have the “autofill” option turned off by default (we don’t want to mess with your muscle memory!), but you can change that in game settings! All players will also automatically scale ledges they grab
  • Now a message will appear when the crown is present so you don’t forget to grab it


The list is not complete, but here are the most important fixes in the update!

  • Great optimization of several memory usage areas, reducing the incidence of crashes on PlayStation
  • PlayStation frame rate improvements on item filled levels like Dodge Rush, Dirty Climbing, Lost Temple and more
  • Improved cases of players experiencing high latency issues having tails grabbed from afar
  • If multiple teams receive 0 points (especially in modes like Team siniXtras), they will be eliminated instead of shooting and advancing to the next round
  • Fixed a case of floor-level abuse like Thin Ice, where players could jump non-stop to avoid breaking floors (Thin Ice is back!)
  • Fixed an abuse in Pega-Pega where players could stand on a podium and evade capture
  • Fixed cases in Battle Royale where the tail would disappear if the player with it disconnected
  • Fixed pipes at the end of Descanando throwing players over the finish line
  • Fixed cases where the Options menu would appear randomly during matches on PS4
  • Fixed “Multiple shows selected” appearing when queuing for a single group show
  • Fixed cases of hoops appearing too high in levels like Circus Jumps
  • Fixed cases of players queuing together being placed on different teams
  • Fixed cases of players respawning in siniXtro mode
  • Fixed cases where Clank would appear yellow instead of red or blue in Team Tag
  • Fixed Thin Ice music in Finals Marathon

Free access to Fall Guys will be available starting this Tuesday, June 21. The games list can now be found at Brazilian online store.

Source: Mediatonic

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