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Read the main news in the newspapers and start the day well informed. (Image: Pixabay/Andrys)

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Elections 2022 party background
It is necessary to understand how coalitions and party federations work in Brazil. (Image: Reuters/Bruno Kelly)

Electoral fund: how will party coalitions and federations affect the 2022 elections? – The BRL 4.9 billion electoral fund, the largest amount made available since 2017, will be distributed among the 32 parties and will have União Brasil as the main beneficiary, which will receive BRL 782 million. But to know how much each party or politician will have available for their campaign, one must understand how coalitions and party federations work in Brazil. money time

Understanding the Political Offensive Against Petrobras and Fuel Readjustments Economic value

Congress has unprecedented power over the budget and imposes a program of projects State of Sao Paulo

Bolsonaro increases spending on corporate cards in election year Folha de S. Paulo


cryptocurrency regulation
Daily summary on Bitcoin, the cryptocurrency market and decentralized finance. (Image: Pexels/RODNAE Productions)

Bitcoin (BTC): Cryptocurrencies melted on Saturday and repeated their recovery; understand what happened – This Saturday (18), Bitcoin (BTC), the world’s leading cryptocurrency, fell below $20,000, hitting its lowest level in 18 months, extending its slide, as investors show nervousness over the each time the most important issues in the industry and with the general pullback of riskier assets continues money time

Market raises Selic forecast to 13.75% by year-end State of Sao Paulo

Despite the high Selic, don’t put all your eggs in fixed income Folha de S. Paulo

How to deal with the financial market during a downturn Economic value


Pre-marketing, Calendar, Agenda
Check out the business agenda this week and don’t be surprised by the companies (Image: Freepik/

Oi balance sheet (OIBR3) and HVAC offer price (CVCB3); Find out what to expect this week – CVC (CVCB3) intends to raise funds to cope with the recovery of tourism. The company sets the price per share on the 23rd in an offer that could fetch more than 470 million reais, based on the share price on June 13. São Martinho (SMTO3) and Oi (OIBR3) publish their quarterly results and Samarco has a conciliation hearing with creditors on its recovery plan money time

Azul must pay 5,000 BRL for cancellation during the pandemic Folha de S. Paulo

Moura Dubeux bets on co-ownership Economic value

Horita Group invests to expand its acreage in Bahia and sees good cereal and cotton harvests State of Sao Paulo


china flag
China will strengthen its support for private investment, which accounts for more than half of total investment. (Photo: Reuters/Carlos Garcia Rawlins)

Will Ibovespa still suffer from China? Here’s what to expect from the Asian economy through the end of 2022 –China has been one of the factors of uncertainty weighing on the Ibovespa this year. But market analysts point out that by the end of 2022, the biggest influence on the main Brazilian stock market index will come from the Federal Reserve (Fed), the central bank of the United States. money time

Asia takes the lead even as global IPO market shrinks Nikkei Asia

Probability of recession soars as inflation worsens The Wall Street Journal

Europe is not facing a new sovereign debt crisis, says Eurogroup chief FinancialTimes

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