TVI has given up – Carlos Rodrigues

The end of “Big Brother” and the arrival of summer confirmed that TVI has given up fighting. The various “holes” in the Channel 4 grid were filled with repeated soap operas. Currently, there are a total of 8 telenovelas, but only 4 of them are premiering – one at 7 p.m., another 3 at prime time. Rehearsals: after lunch, the ‘Única Mulher’. At the end of the afternoon, after the Goucha, there is ‘Ouro Verde’. Finally, late at night, the replay of ‘Na Corda Bamba’ airs. At a glance, there are 3 hours in which TVI has lost all its competitive ability, even risking being overtaken by cable at certain times.

If we add these new TVI weaknesses to the weaknesses that come from behind, like newspapers, still behind SIC and sometimes also RTP-1, or the weak ‘Rua das Flores’ (it already had a 9% share!) , the general philosophy of the channel has become to abandon the struggle for leadership. Enigma: why TVI surrenders and withdraws from the game? Will abdicate be a strategy of general manager Moniz? If so, you need to be careful when transitioning into the practice. Revealing now that in September there will be another “Big Brother” is giving CIS weapons, because it is very easy to guess what the grid will look like at that time, and to prepare an antidote. It’s going to be a very difficult summer for TVI, and the signs for September are not encouraging. In short: 2022 will bring another triumph for Daniel Oliveira, but now it’s against Moniz. It will therefore be a victory that has everything to demoralize the competition.



In his June 10 speech, he praised the people. Marcelo is a master at communicating. After Belém, television will surely continue to call the President.


carlos daniel

In the current context of RTP, the production center in the North can play a decisive role in doing more and better. It is possible with the leadership of Carlos Daniel. Good date.


Luisa Correa
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This young presenter of SIC Notícias appears in a motor show. It disqualifies you. Motorsport is an old profession of pivots at SIC, which continues over time and that no one has the courage to stop.


Ana Guedes Rodrigues

The Portugal Day ceremonies, in Braga, monopolized the attention in a series of channels. The popular support, the charisma of Marcelo and all the solemn folklore of the military parades ensured quality rights. The CNN channel was good, which set up a studio abroad with Ana Guedes Rodrigues, and thus crushed the competition of SIC Notícias, in a country that was the favorite domain of channel 5 until the recent collapse that l ‘thrown into insignificance.


Red carpet
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The withdrawal of TVI, felt on several occasions, has brought back some old formats, which had disappeared from the radar when the fight for audiences tightened. This is the case with “Passadeira Vermelha”, a format from one of the many cable channels in the SIC universe, which is returning to occupy the channel’s late-night openings profitably, at little cost. It’s a kind of celebrity diary, mixed with worldliness, pleasant to see. And now even leads! See you later

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