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As tendencies should never be the main focus of a look. Who says it’s Hugo Marques, a professional hairdresser and make-up artist, with 20 years of experience in the sector. “The trend is always what makes us feel good. It’s not worth doing a festival look if the person feels like they’re masked. There are people who support a lot more production than others. But what I always advise, and that’s what we do at the party, is sublime skin and then an eyelash mask. A glow at the festival is always fun.”

Regardless of personal style and outfit chosen for musical events, one of the crucial points of this process is to adapt the make-up to the occasion. “You can’t do festival makeup and the person is going to a wedding. It’s important to know where people are going,” he told SAPO Lifestyle during the warm-up event for the 9th edition of Rock in Rio Lisboa where, together with hairstylist Paula Wellemkamp, ​​he was responsible for creating the looks of certain festival-goers at the Ibis Parc des Nations. In this article, we give you some tips for to put on makeup that you can put into practice during this festival season.

1. The smoky eye is a winning bet

If you are not a fan of very exuberant makeup or in strong tones, you can always opt for the classic smoky eye. “There’s this simple makeup, but my trend is slightly smoky black eyeliner on top – it’s not the completely dark eye – and then I’d put on a nice lipstick.” For those who are not afraid to take risks and want something more daring, you can include the famous sequins.

2. How to make makeup last for hours

There are no miracles: beautiful skin does not happen overnight. For good makeup fixation, preparation of the complexion is essential, and the first step is a daily beauty routine. “The skin must be very well hydrated the day before. There is an amazing trick [para fixar a maquilhagem]: sprinkle your face with thermal water several times a day. And this one does not leave the place? “On the contrary. Even fixed. You can buy miniature thermal water and apply it during the day.

3. less is more

A big mistake that many women usually make when getting ready is using too much product at once. Hugo Marques is a supporter of the maxim less is After in makeup application, especially when it comes to eye shadow. “When you put on the shade, you don’t put on all of a sudden. Set it lightly, apply a fixer and then some more eyeshadow. And that’s what will make the difference. In other words, eyeshadow should be applied in several smooth layers for the perfect end result.

4. Essential products that make the difference

In addition to the fixer, which will be your best friend for makeup that lasts longer, sunscreen is another product that also deserves a place of choice. “It is a good fixer and protects”, specifies the to put on makeup e hairdresser on this essential that should not be neglected even on a daily basis. Although she favors products with SPF50 in her makeup bag, when this is not the case, “we mix the factor 50 with the foundation, which is also a great tip”.

5. Primer: friend or foe?

And the first? It’s a good option for everyday wear, but on these festival days, makeup artist Hugo Marques prefers skin that’s as natural as possible, which he then works on himself with the products of his choice. “I don’t like it because for this kind of to put on makeup the base doesn’t make makeup last long.

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