it is the ideal solution for this summer

Forget the fans: it’s the ideal solution to put an end to the heat at home

In a country where houses are an oven in the summer and a fridge in hell, GREE might just be your salvation.

One in three air conditioners in the world is GREE.

If the intense heat makes us run to the beach or to the swimming pool, these same temperatures can turn the house into a real oven. In fact, it’s a common problem in Portugal, where not all homes were built with insulation and finishes that adapt to climate change.

According to a study by Quercus, published in 2017, 74% of Portuguese people complain that their house is too cold in winter, 25% consider their house to be too hot in summer and only 1% say they live in a “comfortable environment”. . Therefore, it is undeniable that this situation is a tragedy for Portuguese families.

Precisely for this reason, and since it is complicated to completely renovate houses, there are good solutions to keep the environment cooler and more pleasant for the family at this time of the year. A good air conditioner, for example, is more efficient and faster at cooling the house than any fan. And it also saves you from having to invest in various equipment throughout the year, because this device combines the functions of all the other alternatives for the air conditioning of spaces: it cools, heats and evacuates humidity from the environment.

Founded in 1991, GREE, specializing in air conditioners, chooses technology, innovation and energy efficiency as the main distinguishing characteristics of this company in the market. These products are connected to Wi-Fi, Google Home and Alexa. In other words: you can connect to the air conditioning wherever you want: from the sofa or even before arriving home. With the GREE+ app, you can remotely control the air conditioner using your smartphone or tablet.

Also via the GREE+ app, you can configure and customize the air conditioning according to your preferences: direct the smart swing, control the sound level, program the economy mode, customize the sleep mode and configure the weekly timer. In addition, all the features of the equipment have been created so that you can use them in your daily life in an easy and practical way. Some climate controls have the I FEEL feature, which is a sensor that senses ambient temperature and communicates with equipment to adjust temperature and airflow efficiently and accurately.

In addition, GREE equipment meets the strictest environmental regulations: energy savings, eco-efficient equipment, intelligent operation and approved refrigerants.

Several reasons make GREE one of the best choices on the market: starting with the reliability of the products; one out of three air conditioners in the world is GREE and all have a four-year warranty; there is a reduction in the electricity bill thanks to the efficiency of the equipment and it is a fully connected and updated range.

What are the brand suggestions?

If you’re struggling to figure out which gear is best for you, NiT helps. O portable air conditioner it is a single unit with all components and an external connection pipe. It is easy to move and does not require installation, but it is necessary to have a window or an opening near the device for the placement of the tube.

If you want a Monosplit air conditioner, it has an outdoor unit and an indoor unit, but it only allows air conditioning in one room of the house. It is more efficient than portable systems and is super easy to install by a professional.

The multisplit air conditioner, on the other hand, has an outdoor unit that can be connected to several indoor units. That is to say, it allows to cover different rooms of the house, to individually control the room temperature and to use different settings for the indoor units, although it does not allow heating and cooling cycles simultaneous. GREE’s domestic range also has the option of U-shaped crown (top of the line), Fair (medium range) and Skip (tactical range). The three hypotheses are declined in monosplits and multisplits according to the need for the space to be air-conditioned.

GREE is the world’s largest air conditioning manufacturer, with presence in over 160 countries and regions. Currently, it has 126 product testing labs with over 15,000 engineers. The brand manufactures over 60 million units for the residential and commercial market per year. Moreover, it invests more than 1000 million euros in R&D every year.

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