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O Google used the music The texts turn greenreleased by rapper Drake last Friday (17), to provoke the Apple due to the lack of RCS technology in the iPhone. The protocol is considered the “SMS of the future”. The official profile of android posted a tweet on Saturday (18) arguing that an unofficial video was needed to “explain” the song – and, moreover, try to convince the Apple join the RCS on their mobile phones.

The joke was possible because Drake’s lyrics refer to what happens when a message is sent, via iMessage (official messenger of the iPhone), to someone else who has blocked it or is not in messenger iOS. The bubble around the message is no longer blue, but green.

Messages screen on iPhone — Photo: Katarina Bandeira

Among users who are not blocked but who use different operating systems, the bubble appears like this because the exchange of messages is done via classic SMS. That way, the option uses phone plan credits to send, and also doesn’t have the extra features of iMessage – like the ability to send videos, for example.

It is precisely this difference that Google took the opportunity to “pin” the owner of the iPhone. “If a single team of super-talented engineers from Apple fix it. ‘Cause it’s a problem that only the Apple Can correct. In fact, they just have to join the RCS”, they explain in the video.

But what is RCS?

RCS stands for Rich Communication Services, something like Rich Communication Services. The message exchange protocol is considered the evolution of SMS. It first appeared in 2007 and is now used in Google Messaging, application equivalent to iMessage in the universe android.

The features are very similar to the official messenger of iPhone, such as sending media such as videos, GIFs and emojis; end-to-end encryption; and internet consumption for sending messages, unlike SMS, which have a specific price.

The feature was the subject of controversy earlier this month due to excessive advertisements. O Google necessary to deactivate send advertising via RCS in India after receiving complaints from several users.

RCS is not yet used by mobile operators in Brazil, which means it has little impact here. So far, there are no adoption forecasts in the Claro, TIM, and Vivo networks.

What would change in Drake’s music if the iPhone use RCS?

The big point of the joke made by the Google Nope Twitter if the iPhone used RCS as the messaging protocol in iMessage, users of android It’s from iOS could chat through the app with the right to all functions.

It is not, however, the first time that the Google asks the firm at the apple to adopt the RCS: in January 2022, the software engineer of the androidHiroshi Lockheimer, usou o Twitter criticize the lack of support Apple gives to the RCS. “By not joining the RCS, the Apple is holding back the industry and holding back the user experience, not just for users androidbut also for their own customers,” writes the engineer.

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