Horoscope: the signs that will have the hottest summer – Current

The solstice begins with Jupiter in RAM. Jupiter is the planet of expansion and often considered the one that enlightens us with optimism! Then the sheep come first on this list of summer good fortune! The first decan of Aries is the one who will feel the effects of Jupiter the most. There is a sense of good humor and creativity, a faith in new initiatives and a joy of traveling that will be present throughout these three months. The third decan will feel the power of Mars, with a hyper energy that will have to be channeled! July and August will also be marked by the presence of the Sun, Mercury and Venus in Leo, which will do good for people with the Sun in Aries. There is an urge to shine and enjoy the pleasures of life and that energy will be there.

Twins they are also candidates for a summer with a true Sun and a spiritual Sun. There is an ability to align with your natural purpose, apply your intelligence and feel charismatic! Summer begins with Venus and Mercury just above your Sun, and in August Mercury will make a time-expanding trine as it repeats in September. because in September. That’s to say! This summer could be marked by surprising advances in the areas governed by Mercury: oral, written or even artistic communication, as well as intellectual performance. September can be especially special with Jupiter’s influence on new beginnings. The third decan continues to have good influences in the area of ​​work and family: structures are being built.

Bone virgins they will feel good about themselves for once! Mars in Taurus will give Virgo consistency, security and energy! In August, Mars, Uranus and NN will make a wonderful aspect to the Sun in Virgo, especially those in the second decan. Something amazing and original can happen! Energy like this happens very rarely and we could speak of a drastic life change. September will be that month when the Sun, Venus and Mercury are in Virgo bringing all the qualities of this sign into your reality. Thus, the end of summer will be when you will feel the most satiated.

At Sagittarius the possibility of love is stronger than ever. At the end of July and August, the Sun, Venus and Mercury will have positive aspects that will bring a feeling of relaxation, very much in tune with the heat of the season! Mars opposing the Sun can bring even more of that fire of attraction, with lots of mental compatibility! In September, Jupiter’s trine to the Sun ignites passions and gives Sagittarians a sense of greater creativity and exploration.

Bone Capricorns are full of assets in this summer game. In July, they feel at home. There is a sense of structure and security and at the same time, in love, attraction is in the air and family life is full of energy. In September, there will also be harmony in pleasures and luck at work. Overall there is a feeling of comfort and stability, factors he loves!

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