Google mocks Apple for lack of ‘new SMS’ support on iOS

O Google decided to use the official Android profile to push the rival Apple due to lack of support for the recent text messaging standard. In a black screen video, humorous text appears onscreen to the beat of Drake’s new song. The texts turn green.

The profile in Twitter captioning that the song would have been “received differently,” hence the need for an “explanatory video with unofficial lyrics.” The 40 second material indicates that Drake’s song would be about the user of the iPhone who is trying to send a text message to someone who doesn’t have a similar device.

The reference is a game on iMessage, which allows free messaging between Apple devices only. When sending messages between an Apple mobile phone and another from the Google system, the message turns from blue to green, a sign that SMS/MMS technology is used there.

Due to this color difference, the term Green Bubbles was created, which is seen pejoratively as it discriminates between users. Since Drake’s song is about “green texts,” Google made that association in a joking tone, though the content had nothing to do with the feud.

Android jokes that the rival could just put in a “super talented engineering team” to fix this problem. In fact, the problem for Apple to solve would be to adopt the RCS as an official language, which would make the messages compatible between platforms.

SMS Replacement

It is not today that the Google asks Apple to adopt RCS to integrate messaging between iOS and Android. Apple doesn’t seem interested in this, as it would lose exclusivity over its messaging service — pointed out by analysts like one of the tricks to keep people “stuck” in the business ecosystem.

RCS behaves similarly to messaging programs, so Google wants to implement it on iOS as well (Image: Reproduction/Google)

This is not such an obvious problem in Brazil, since the proportion of Android users is much higher than iPhone owners. Proof of this is that the messenger most used in these regions is the WhatsAppunlike the United States, where people use cell phone messages.

Presented as the successor to SMS messages, the RCS protocol stands out for offering many more options than just sending SMS — and already has 500 million users of the Messages application. The standard allows you to send messages with more than 160 characters, documents, audios, videos, images, view typing status and create groups, as popular messengers do.

On the other hand, RCS is criticized for not having end-to-end encryption or support for exchanging messages between different platforms, such as desktops or laptops. This lack of integration is perhaps one of the most important factors for the full and complete adoption of RCS as the official language of “torpedoes”.

Source: Android Team

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