Frederick and Mary of Denmark talk again about the scandal surrounding the school where Prince Christian studies

Christian of Denmark with his parents, Crown Princes Frederick and Mary

Christian of Denmark, the eldest son of the crown princes Federico e Marriedbegan in the last academic year studying at Herlufsholm Gymnasiuma boarding school located in the town of Næstved, 120 kilometers from the princely residence.

The institution, which welcomes 600 students from all over the world, found itself embroiled in a huge controversy about two months ago, after the screening of a documentary on Danish television, which guarantees that in this college, which enjoys ‘great prestige at the national level, there are many cases of intimidation and assaults between colleagues, which have plagued the establishment for several years. The documentary is based on the testimony of nearly 50 former students, who point out that situations of harassment are frequent at school.

At the end of last week, the crown princes spoke again about the case, revealing, in a statement, that they have not yet decided whether Prince Christian will continue to attend the institution or if the princess Isabella will join the same school at the start of the next school year, as announced a few months ago.

“As parents, we are currently faced with difficult decisions regarding the educational path of our elders. We have already stated that as a family we are saddened by the unfortunate situation in Herlufsholm and will follow through with the changes that are obviously needed. Here we will try to share some of our thoughts.they started by saying, then speaking specifically about the theme of intimidation reported in the documentary.

“Intimidation, violence and abuse are never acceptable. We must respond to painful and devastating events by insisting on changes that ensure a safe environment for all. We must therefore recognize the courage of those who have shared their violent experiences. At the same time, we are parents of a son who is very happy to go to school. And of a girl who’s longed to start in the same place.

The question is whether the two parts can go hand in hand; if we as parents can let our children go to Herlufsholm and at the same time react and insist on changes that benefit all students in the school. Opinions will be divided on this subject. But for us, the answer depends as much on the studies started as on the effect of the initiatives that the school has already decided on. In addition, we will see the next initiatives of the school, but also what we as parents can demand and contribute. The goal should be a future Herlufsholm where all students, no matter what, thrive and can feel secure based on sound values.

Finally, we will continue to talk to our children, show them trust and listen to their wishes. Their point of view should also be taken into account when making decisions about their future schooling.

Like all other parents, we want to do our best for our children. At the same time, we are aware of our special position as Crown Princes. Here and now, we don’t know all the answers. As a family, we need more knowledge to be able to make the right decision for our children.they concluded, specifying that no decision has yet been made regarding Christian’s permanence in the school and Isabella’s entry into the same institution.

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