Facebook will change and look more like TikTok

Meta will change Facebook’s algorithm to prioritize content of interest based on popularity and topic, replacing content posted by other users’ “friends” list, according to the online portal. The edge. But the news doesn’t stop there: part of the company’s strategic plan also involves unifying the social network and its current messaging app, Messenger.

The purpose of these changes is to offer similar functionality to Tiktok and, in this way, to cope with it. The information comes after said media had access to an internal communication in which Tom Alison, head of Facebook, details the strategic lines determined by the company. Speaking to the publication, Alison also acknowledged that the company has considered TikTok’s strategies to implement changes in the business and replicate competitor experiences, such as the “For You” tab.

According to The Verge, these plans could be linked to figures from the two social networks. Sensor Tower estimates indicate that last year TikTok saw downloads 20% higher than Facebook and 21% higher than Instagram. For these changes, Meta plans to focus on four long-term strategic pillars: finding, enjoying and creating interesting content, strengthening business relationships, creating different types of communities and taking advantage of economic opportunities.

What will change?

According to the aforementioned document, Facebook will be guided by a new concept: a discovery engine. With the mission of providing increasingly personalized content, Feed will make recommendations based on theme and popularity, removing the weight of publications shared by other users of the social network, being part of the “of” list. friends”.

Without renouncing the essence of connecting people, the plan of this social network is to invest more “in discovery mechanisms that help people find and enjoy interesting content, whether it is produced by someone with whom they are connected”.

After separating the messaging service from the main platform in 2014, Facebook now wants to “create community messaging experiences” by integrating Messenger’s inbox. “It’s important that we integrate messaging experiences more seamlessly,” the statement said.

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