Devastating Vitor Pereira: ‘They are playing with my work’

Vítor Pereira, coach of Corinthians, rebelled against the analysts and, in the press conference that followed the meager victory over Goiás (1-0), he exposed the many limitations of his squad and even said that s If there was no promotion of “kids”, the team, instead of second place in the Brasileirão, would fight for maintenance.

The truth is that Corinthians, with numerous injuries, still haven’t managed to play, in theory, with the best team. “I would like them not to play with my work. Let’s imagine this team that everyone plans to play every game. Willian hasn’t played every game and is absent, today he had a medical problem to sort out. Jo is out. From this ideal team that everyone is talking about, let’s analyze it. We have Renato (Augusto), who left with muscle problems, he didn’t play all the time. We’re trying to manage it so it doesn’t turn into chaos, so it doesn’t get worse. Fagner was injured, eleven games away. João Victor I don’t know how many matches. Gil was also injured through a series of games. Fábio (Santos) too, about three games, I don’t think it’s possible for him to play every three days, it’s not possible”, he began by listing.

And then he even expressed some annoyance at the criticism of never repeating the same eleven. “Whoever talks about looking for a team to play all the games plays with me, plays with my work, does not see what is happening. If we didn’t have the boys, Corinthians would be fighting against relegation, but people don’t want to see the truth. They are not in reality, at the club, in training, they do not analyze the matches and come up with this conversation. It’s playing with my work. How am I going to be satisfied today when I have to watch the next game and I have hardly anyone?” he added.

Moreover, Vítor Pereira also clarified that he considers the opponents stronger than Corinthians. “The calendar is what it is. For me to have a competitive team in every match, I need a larger squad, the players have a higher technical level. I look at certain teams and the weapons are different. We can’t compare ourselves to anyone else because they have more solutions than us. I did what I could. The club did what they could, but it’s not necessary. We cannot continue to demand when reality tells us otherwise. The truth is that today, to make a substitution, I don’t have a left winger. I have to put the Python. can’t stay away blah blah blahto deceive people,” he said.

The coach regrets the numerous injuries and was once again unhappy with the criticism leveled at the team’s level of performance. “We need João Victor, Júnior Moraes, Willian, Paulinho… Take a good look at the team we had and see what we have now in terms of solutions. Don’t come to me with demands. We’re right there on our heels, fighting up there. It’s dishonest. A person who demands more from the team is playing with my job, and I cannot accept that,” he insisted.

Faced with numerous absences, Vítor Pereira resorted to collective training. “Given the need we have, we have to play with their versatility. We have to see who can respond three days later. This rotation… Honestly, I’m tired of hearing things that don’t make sense. If we didn’t do this rotation, I wanted to see which team we would have to play with. I wanted to see someone come here and put this team together to play midweek. It has to be that and valued,” he added.

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