Catarina Furtado on retreat in Ecuador: “A time for simplicity” – News

Catarina Furtado is already back in Portugal after a retirement in Ecuador.

The presenter opened up about this adventure on her Instagram account, reflecting on the importance of valuing the simpler things in life.

“I decided to treat myself to a retirement,” he begins by saying.

“The definition of luxury is, in my opinion, badly associated with money, with a certain tendency to exhibition, to ostentation.

But in my opinion, luxury is also having time for simplicity and honest humility, for the possibility of packing your suitcase with: silence, reflection, gratitude, books, ideas for the near future, the will to work to become a better person, curiosity for others, responsibility, awareness, creativity and collective respect”Remark.

“I still and always carry with me a shameless love for life and for the treasures that are mine,” he adds.

See photos of the retreat in the gallery.

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