Camilla, an “enigmatic” duchess on her way to 75 and making her debut in the pages of Vogue – L’Observateur

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The tribulations along the way are known. Dimming controversies and unconvincing states of grace over the decades, Camilla now holds the shining position of future queen consort. Undoubted partner of the heir to the throne, Prince Charles, time seems to have brought a pacification of the domestic context and an unexpected rise in popularity among the subjects.

It is not by chance, and the day after Her Majesty Elizabeth II’s platinum jubilee festivities, there is a new milestone to be reached: on July 17, the Duchess of Cornwall will celebrate the distinguished 75th birthday and, from the start celebration, has been invited by the British edition of Vogue magazine to cover next month’s edition. “We have invited our future Queen consort to sit with us and give an interview about her work and life in this special year for the Royal Family. The Duchess may be one of the most recognizable women in the world, but she’s also one of the most enigmatic. As you approach another chapter, we’re thrilled to mark your Vogue debut with the intimate portraits of photographer Jamie Hawkesworth. They not only capture a moment in time, but also a moment in history,” writes Edward Enninful, the publication’s editor, on his personal page.

Online, it is possible to access the result of the conversation that Giles Hattersley had with the Duchess, whose sense of humor began to guide the meeting: “Sorry to have to come and photograph an old lady this morning”Camilla joked when the news crew arrived.


It was at Clarence House, the official London residence of the couple Carlos and Camilla, that this meeting took place last April, the Duchess revealing that she had chosen a Bruce Oldfield Couture dress for the occasion – “which, like all the clothes ‘she wears for our session, she is taken from her own wardrobe, “describes the magazine.

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Between books stacked on a table and a golden harp in the corner of the room, there are, of course, family photos. In the frames appear “Princes William and Harry beaming in their early twenties in black and white; the Prince of Wales in the scarlet uniform of the Welsh Guards; and, most importantly, the Duke and Duchess of Sussex on their wedding day. But who ends up best in the portrait, after so many ups and downs, is the interviewee himself. “After nearly 20 years of speculation, it’s finally arrived: the final ‘boss’ stamp of approval. As with much of her life, the Duchess navigated through uncharted waters: she was the first divorcee to marry the heir to the British throne without derailing his rise; a survivor of the swamp of late 20th century British tabloids; a potential future queen with children, grandchildren and a life of her own outside of “company”. It should be noted that the Duchess has had a formal relationship with her husband for nearly 25 years and has been an active member of the Royal Family for almost two decades.

“She shone as soon as she walked in here,” praises fashion journalist and stylist Kate Phelan, while Gilles points to “her aristocratic tone – the one only achieved when you’re born at a certain time and in a certain class – which may have the added bonus of making it sound deliciously dry.This is the record when Camilla admits that, having reached this stage and faced with the challenge posed by Vogue, she said to herself: “why not?”. Not that the woman who has officially accompanied Carlos for 17 years is enthusiastic about big birthday parties. “Really, who wants to be 75? But there’s nothing we can do about it. That’s life.”

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