BOLA – Varzim says Leixões are at fault (Liga 2)

On the last day of the presentation of the compulsory licensing process for participation in professional competitions, Varzim issued a statement alleging alleged anti-regulatory practices by Leixões, which, in the opinion of the Poveiros, makes it impossible to inscription of the Matosinhos. emblem of the La Liga 2 edition for the coming season.

As A BOLA writes in this Monday’s edition, B SAD and Leixões are the two clubs that have not yet managed to settle the situations with the League, which will have to be finalized by 11:59 p.m. on Monday. It is in this sense that Varzim, especially with regard to Leixões, aims at the batteries.

“Today, June 20, 2022, Varzim Sport Club – Futebol, SDUQ, became aware of alleged anti-regulatory practices practiced by Leixões Sport Club – Futebol SAD regarding the licensing process for professional competitions and, There are still serious problems regarding wage control during the year 2022.

The subscriber company also knows that such alleged facts have been observed with the full connivance of the Board of Directors of the said sports company, which, unless respect for a better understanding, directly conflicts with the Regulations and all the principles sports ethics imposed. by the League, the Portuguese Professional Football Federation and the Portuguese Football Federation.

We inform all our partners, supporters and supporters that, in the face of such news, we have immediately decided to appoint a team of highly professional lawyers and, as well as specialists in the financial field, so that they can investigate the reported situation. .

The specific situation is serious and lacks a strong and clarifying position from the League Licensing Commission, Hon. President of the same Mr. Dr. Pedro Proença wants Mr. President of the Players’ Union, Dr. Joaquim Evangelista, for the functions they perform and also for the responsibility they have towards professional football in clarifying these situations and in their transparency, and in whom we have full confidence, even because of the recent history in which they have taken courageous and transparent decisions.

Finally, and if the allegations we have faced today are true, we inform our members, supporters and supporters that Varzim Sport Club – Futebol, SDUQ is, under the regulations, duly prepared and licensed to assume any vacant position in professional football, if the alleged irregularities are confirmed and the sports company concerned is not allowed to participate in the professional competitions of the next sports season.

Remember that if B SAD or Leixões fail to register in Liga 2, Varzim will be the first club invited to fill one of these vacancies, since the northern club was ranked 17th in the second tier at the end of the season. In this context, the club guarantees that everything is taken care of from a bureaucratic point of view to proceed with the registration for professional competitions.

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