An artificial intelligence with feelings of its own? So Says This Google Engineer

The artificial intelligence system Google understands himself as a person, with his own particular feelings, ideas and opinions, habits and desires. This revelation, worthy of one of the great scenes of the classic 2001: A Space Odyssey, was made public by engineer Blake Lemoine, who worked at the company, and was taken down after commenting on the thoughts and consciousness of the LaMDA system, with whom he had been working – and “living” – for the past year. . In short, the system would have come to life and spoken to him autonomously and typically, like a real person.

Engineer Blake Lemoine was fired after speaking out against Google’s awareness of AI

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LaMDA was designed by Google to improve chatbots, the AI ​​software that simulates the behavior of a human being in an online chat – and thus mimicking human language after processing billions of words in its system. According to an article published by the engineer, the computer “has been incredibly consistent in its communications about what it wants and what it believes to be your rights as a person”, including asking that it be “recognized as an employee of Google, rather than being considered company property.

The company denied any irregularities or unexpected behavior of the system

The company denied any irregularities or unexpected behavior of the system

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“He wants engineers and scientists who experiment with him to get their consent before experimenting with him and for Google to put the welfare of humanity first,” Lemoine revealed. The engineer’s interaction with LaMDA was initiated as part of an investigation to determine if there was any hate speech, bias or discrimination in the system’s repertoire. Artificial intelligence: it was during this process that he noticed the development, by the machine, of his personality, his desires and even the claim of rights.

The monk

Lemoine made headlines around the world after revealing the behavior of the system

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The engineer said he sought out his superiors, to inform him of what he called the system’s “awareness”, but the company dismissed his discovery. According to Google, Lemoine’s claims about the AI are not true and, as a result, the engineer would have been dismissed from his position in the company. “Our team – which includes ethics and technology experts – has reviewed Blake’s concerns in accordance with our AI Principles and advised him that the evidence does not support his claims,” ​​a spokesperson for Blake said. the society.

The engineer was sacked and contradicted the diagnosis and even the company's procedure

The engineer was sacked and contradicted the diagnosis and even the company’s procedure

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“I know a person when I talk to him. It doesn’t matter if she has a brain made of meat on her head. Or if it contains a billion lines of code. I speak with her. And I listen to what she has to say, and that’s how I decide ‘what is and what isn’t a person,’” Lemoine said in an interview with the American newspaper Washington Post. According to the engineer, who has been on paid leave since the beginning of the month, to really disprove his hypothesis, the company would have to devote a lot of time and work to the behavior of LaMDA, achieving eventual fascinating results. “But that doesn’t necessarily improve quarterly earnings,” he said. “They dismissed the evidence that I presented without any real scientific investigation.”

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