Amber Heard’s New Life After Her Court Loss

A discount clothing chain might be the most unlikely place to find a Hollywood actress, but that’s precisely what happened on Thursday, June 16. The star in question? Amber Heard.

Johnny Depp’s ex-wife was caught rummaging through the shelves of one of the many TJ Maxx stores in the US, one of the country’s biggest chains, known for its below-average prices – just weeks after being ordered to pay more than nine million euros in damages for defamation, the culmination of a lawsuit followed around the world.

The 36-year-old actress was filmed shopping in New York with her sister. Critics were quick to point fingers at Heard again and accuse him of using the scene as a publicity ploy to show off his alleged financial struggles.

What is certain is that after the verdict of June 2, Heard confessed to not being able to pay the compensation ordered by the court. It has also been speculated that Depp may be willing to give up the hefty sum as the first major goal of the process would be achieved: to establish that the ex-wife’s accusations were unfounded and that it would all be a ploy on him. harm.

The legal dispute is over – although Heard’s team of lawyers revealed they are working on an appeal – but the battle over public opinion appears to be ongoing. Last week, the actress gave her first major interview after the trial, in which she highlighted the personal and professional difficulties that the outcome of the trial entails.

Along with maintaining her original stance that she was abused by Depp, Heard was determined to ‘continue to live with her head held high’ and confessed that she ‘continues to love’ her ex. -husband. “I will maintain my testimony until the end of my days. I know what happened to me. I’m a survivor.”

Immediately after the verdict, it was the actress’ main lawyer who went public to claim Heard’s financial inability to pay the compensation. The costs of the proceedings and the entire legal team are, moreover, the responsibility of its insurer, Les Compagnies du Voyageur.

Discount hunting: truth or publicity stunt?

The vice-president of the company was indeed seen several times with Heard during the long trial which took place in Fairfax, in the State of Virginia. According to several experts, the cost of defending the actress could amount to four million euros.

During the trial, Heard’s expensive habits were repeatedly discussed. According to various accounts, he would spend several thousand dollars on travel, clothing and wine, among other luxuries.

These accounts also include the assessment of the actress’ personal fortune which, although unknown, some sources point to a value of around two million euros, well below what she will need to pay the compensation. Moreover, some of the monetary values ​​were exposed during the trial, such as the fees he received for his participation in the 2018 production, “Aquaman”, which will have totaled one million euros; value that skyrocketed to nearly double for the sequel’s appearance scheduled for 2023.

A work that was also the subject of much discussion during the six weeks of testing. Heard claimed that her role in the film was significantly reduced due to pressure and retaliation from Depp. This week, a report claimed that she would even be replaced in the film, after public pressure from fans, who created a petition to remove the actress from the cast. A news that, according to “Variety”, is false.

Even with the promise of an honorarium for this sequel, Heard’s financial situation seems complicated, especially with the impact that all the controversy seems to have had on his career.

In addition to the sequel to “Aquaman”, the actress is also the protagonist of the film “In the Fire”. “Run Away With Me” is still in the works. All these projects were already approved and aligned before the controversial judgment. There are no signs of any new projects for Heard.

Worse, a poll conducted by Spotted Media announces that most American adults do not intend to see films with the actress in the cast. More than half of the individuals questioned would have expressed their disinterest and almost two thirds believe that it should be exempted from any future production.

Signs of financial trouble piled up during the trial. Heard, who obtained the right to compensation of seven million euros after the divorce pronounced in 2016, had announced at the time that he would donate the entire sum to an association for the defense of civil liberties, as well as at a children’s hospital.

Indeed, a representative of the association revealed on the witness stand that the money was never paid in full and that the payments were stopped because “the actress would have financial difficulties”. In his testimony, Heard emphasized his willingness to keep the promise, but left it all in Depp’s hands: “I wish he would stop trying to sue me so I could do it.”

According to several experts, if Depp wants to pull out all the stops to ensure the payment of compensation, he can try to obtain compensation through the assets of the actress, namely her luxurious house in Yucca Valley, California, valued at nearly $1 million — a property bought in 2019 for just under half that valuation, but it won’t be in your name, but in a company owned by your accountant.

This is precisely where Heard has taken refuge since the end of the trial, a one-story house in the desert, a stone’s throw from Joshua Tree National Park. The property has 2.4 hectares and will have cost almost 540 thousand euros in 2019. A value that has almost doubled after the pandemic and the growing demand for real estate in remote places. The villa has a modest 230 square meters, but a huge outdoor space with a desert landscape.

house in the desert

This is where he lives with his one-year-old daughter. Oonagh Paige Heard is also named after the actress’ mother, who passed away in 2020. “I am so happy to share this good news. Four years ago I decided I wanted to have a child, but I wanted do it on my own terms,” ​​the actress revealed on social media on July 1, 2021.

The actress resorted to surrogacy and, according to a US press, did so after finding out she couldn’t have children. Heard took the opportunity to emphasize her desire to be a mother and to do it in a less conventional way.

“I realize today how radical it is for us women to be able to approach one of the most fundamental aspects of our destiny in this way. Hopefully we can get to a point where you don’t want to have a ring finger and still want to have a crib becomes normalized.

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