Tony Carreira sold his mansion to make a millionaire investment

Focused on teleworking since the tragic death of his daughter in December 2020, Tony Career he succeeded, very recently, in realizing a great desire, which is also a reflection of the time and effort devoted to his great passion for music. The most successful Portuguese singer in our country and abroad has built a recording studio equipped with the latest technology and with all the luxuries and amenities to receive the most varied music stars, not only national but also international.

The property is located on the south bank of the Tagus, in the area of ​​Charneca da Caparica, near the facilities of Regiconcerto, the company that generated the career of the singer. The objective of the artist is, essentially, to rent this space to other musicians and, of course, to increase his capital by combining two aspects of his life: the world of music and the field of real estate. . As TvMais has already revealed, Tony Carreira has been the owner, since 2006, of the company Regibusiness – Investimentos Imobiliários, whose objectives are real estate development, the purchase and sale of properties and the resale of those acquired for this purpose, the management of own and properties of third parties. , tourism investments, hotel operations, etc.

sell to buy

To build this majestic studio, which is almost ready and about to be used, Tony Carreira had to get rid of the mansion he had built in the Pinhal Velho area of ​​Vilamoura, thus obtaining the necessary capital for this millionaire investment. . . Our magazine knows that this is the real reason that pushed him to sell the house he built and whose main objective was to welcome the Carreira clan.

The luxurious residence offered all the members of the family, including Sara, good moments of leisure, sharing and conviviality and, although it was in this house that he learned the news of the death of the young woman following a terrible car accident on the A1, in the Santarém district, and also having suffered a myocardial infarction there, in June 2021, that was not at all why I wanted to sell it. “Tony is keen to preserve Sara’s memory and to remind her of it every day. He only keeps in his heart the good times he spent with her, in the Algarve mansion or elsewhere, the rest is irrelevant. doesn’t matter”, tells us a source close to the Carreira family. And, getting rid of the house, the clan patriarch takes with him all the happy days lived in this place with those he loves the most.

The 800 m2 mansion – which served as the setting for the recording of the video clip on the theme “Festa”, by David Career e Kevinho – gave all the family and friends who attended great joys. Michael e Laura Figueiredo had a great time with their daughter, Beatrice; David and Caroline Carvalho they went out a lot whenever they were there, as well as Tony, who in all the seasons he was there had the company of his girlfriend, Angela Rocha.

With modern amenities, the mansion, which has several suites, two swimming pools, a wine cellar, a majestic garden and a basketball court, will have been sold for more than 6 million euros, thus providing the “dream singer” a profit of approximately 2 million euros.

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