The mother of “Marie” fears the sexual orientation of her daughter and launches spades on television: “I’m not exaggerating if I say that 90% are homosexual” – Celebrities

A mother of the famous ‘tiktoker’ “Marie” explains all the reasons for the fear he felt that his daughter would have a sexual orientation different from his and become homosexual. When asked even directly if she thinks her daughter is still a virgin, she reacts: I don’t know if my daughter is still a virgin. I do not think so. She closes in her hearts about the phase she went to Lisbon and so I don’t know what happened.”

Isabel Pinheiro, however, clarifies that her fears that her daughter Maria Manuela, or Nelinha, as the famous “tiktoker” was treated in the Póvoa Varzim region, would become homosexual were linked to her contacts with colleagues from the dance groups that the girl has attended. “The homosexuality part was due to the fact that she had a dance group where there were usually these different children. In his dance group, there were a lot of homosexuals,” he said.

A progenitor of former ‘Big Brother Famosos 2’ contestant, on TVI, he ends up recognizing that the subject of sexual orientation has become commonplace, sets an example and launches a critique. “Today it is becoming so commonplace. Go into the world of television. I don’t think I’m exaggerating if I say that 90% of those who show up are gay.“, he underlines, criticizing: “Today It looks like you want to impose homosexuality. It seems to be normal.”THE GIRL WHO REQUIRES MENTAL GYMNASTICS AND SCARS THE MOTHER

Isabel Pinheiro also recounts when the great transformation took place in her daughter’s life. “When she, at 15, started changing her look, things got worse. From the arts, she begins to paint and write poems. He started to paint the bedroom walls, the ceiling, the floor, the headboard. I would paint everything white and come home and be scared,” he says.

The resident of the village of Estela, in Póvoa de Varzim, who 20 years ago she gave birth to a daughter named Maria Manuela, who created her magical world in the style of Emiliathe heroine of the old Brazilian series for children ‘Sítio do Picapau Amarelo’, tells that “Marie” “I drew all the walls, wrote poems. Beautiful things that I even doubted she would do. I read them to try to understand it. To understand what was going on in his head. She has a language that we don’t understand right away. A girl like that takes a lot of mental gymnastics“.


Her mother also reveals that “Marie” “went through several phases: she was Lolita, hippie, went to school full of diamonds. Then there was a phase where it was a bit over the top. Her room was a total mess. She painted furniture, bed, walls, floor, ceiling. But he painted there a dozen times”, he recalls, expressing his fear of the consequences of what his daughter transmits to him: “I am afraid suicidal thoughts she talks about. We are afraid because of her lost look. She has written a lot about death, about mourning. In her paintings, she expresses feelings. Everything she writes is very sad” .

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