Sara Matos wears pink at the “Idolos” gala. Find out which contestant got in the way – Television

No need to wait until Wednesday to give everything in pink. Okay, that’s what Regina George’s (Rachel McAdams) rule dictates in “Giras e Terríveis”, that cinematic classic from 2004, but the look chosen by Sara Matos for the last gala of “Ídolos”, which has took place this Saturday, June 18, the SIC, proves that every day is good to bet on bright colors. Even those where the public’s decision about the evicted contestant sparks outrage.

The presenter has already accustomed us to amazing looks, mainly using sparkles. At the previous gala, on June 11, he appeared with a creation by Luísa Coelho, who created a elegant dress in a shiny gold tonechallenged by Sara Matos stylist Gabriela Pinheiro. However, this time it went back to the usual schedule and it was Portuguese designer Gonçalo Peixoto who again signed the centerpiece of this look.

A pink dress with long sleeves, which stands out for its bare shoulders and its particular cut on the front. All the way up, but with a slit that occasionally showed the pink shoes that came with it.

Sarah Matos

credits: Carla Pires / Instagram

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credits: Carla Pires / Instagram

Even so, it was By Santana Pires’ crystal-studded brass knuckles that stole our hearts. the same brand that Sara Matos used in first live gala of the “Idols”.

To complete the look, which alone already showcased Sara Matos’ tan, the presenter also featured makeup by Miguel Stapleton and an irreverent hairstyle, with two braids intertwined in shiny strips, produced by Hairfusion Lisboa.

One more gala, one more competitor eliminated

But the gala this Saturday 18 was not only a question of looks, this time the competitors were challenged to act at double dose, but not all won over the public.

Fábio Augusto was eliminated by decision of the spectators, but the elimination generated a wave of indignation on social networks.

What to expect from a show where a “jury” doesn’t have a vote on the matter?”, “what a great injustice” or “i.e. what had the most potential to win even the top 5? Ridiculous” are just some of the comments that flooded the comment box of the Instagram post in which CIS announced the eliminated contestant, along with the caption “do you agree?”.

David Fonseca was the guest artist for the evening and presented his new theme, “Chasing The Light”, on stage during the CIS talent show. However, the comment box in which SIC and “Ídolos” shared their performance also featured comments on the contestants, both those still in play and the recently eliminated Fábio Augusto.

“How does a future finalist who was Fábio get out of the program?”, Wrote a user. “Edu, you are the greatest, you will win the ‘Idols’ 2022”, commented another netizen.

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