Futsal: after the end of his career, Bebé devotes himself to his mother’s restaurant

Baby, European and world futsal champion, ended his career at 39 and now he will devote himself to the management of his mother’s restaurant, but leaves the door open to a return to futsal, in the medium or long term, but in other roles.

“Initially, the restaurant is something that I want to devote myself to, because my mother is already old – 73 years old – and she is already preparing to leave the restaurant. I have to organize things and, for the moment, it will be at the restaurant that I will devote myself and spend more time. Also take the opportunity to spend time with my family, with my three children, who have been deprived of me for so long,” said the former goalkeeper in an interview with the Lusa agency.

Euclides Vaz, better known by the nickname of Bebé, concluded a long career with twenty years of success, becoming one of the most successful players in Portuguese futsal, but he will continue to wear the shirt of the restaurant with which he appeared. in the interview, which took place at the Leões Pavilion in Porto Salvo, Oeiras.

“For now, I will be away for a bit. [do futsal]but if there is an invitation for a project in which I can help in the development of the modality and if it is good for me and for the entity that invites me, I will not look back and I will accept it “, did he declare .

Celebrated the fourth anniversary of the establishment a few days ago, Bebé helped, from the beginning, to fulfill his mother’s dream of having a restaurant, reconciling his management with training and games in Leões de Porto Salvo , where he remained for five years. , after eleven in the service of Benfica, during which he added dozens of trophies to the list.

“Without a doubt, that was the biggest challenge I had. I proudly say that I managed to win. These are completely different realities. The primary purpose of Lions is to educate. It was a very big change in sporting life, even at the level of mentalities. My goal was to help the Lions grow and also to give a mental click. Looking back, I believe I helped the Lions take that step,” he said.

However, he recalled that the first six months at the club were perhaps the most complicated period of his career, although he also remembers the scaphoid injury in 2009 which left him out for eight months. , and a few moments at Benfica where he had a few minutes.

“It was a formidable challenge, I went through difficult times, but after five years, it’s a great battle won. The defendant at the time even said that I was depressed, half joking, half serious. After all this time, I managed to turn around and leave here with a sense of accomplishment,” said the European and world champion.

These titles, “the most important of his career”, have already been won in the service of the Leões of Porto Salvo, at a time when many already considered it finished after leaving Benfica and the more professional context of the sport, although he maintained the confidence of coach Jorge Braz to bring the experience to Portugal.

“It was funny because the most notable titles I’ve won, except for the Champions League [pelo Benfica]were already there [em Porto Salvo]. Some of my friends told me that everything I had to win, I already won, I won’t win anymore. The probability was very high, but luckily I won these very special titles, serving my country, with a fantastic group of athletes, coach and environment,” he pointed out.

With 136 caps for Portugal, Bebé has won, in addition to the European Championship (2018), the World Cup (2021) and the Champions League (2010), seven championships, eight Super Cups and six Portuguese Cups, representing also Sporting, Castelo and Os Económicos. , where he started, after graduating from football, in the ‘leões’ and in Sacavenense.

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