Artists who left Hollywood for the adult film industry

The world of entertainment is always busy. We have several artist revelations each year. However, this is not a reality for everyone. And while some actors and actresses are successful in Hollywood, that’s not always the path they want to take. As an example, we have several cases of artists who left Hollywood for the industry porn.

In some cases, it is not easy to see several doors closing and it is even understandable that this feeling of frustration to the point of wanna throw it all away. But in other cases, like these in particular, the performers had a motivation to get into adult entertainment and some of them actually ended up in porn. We show a few cases.

1 – Maitland Ward


The ex-Diney actress, who starred in ‘It’s a Young Man’s World’ and is also known for her role in ‘White Girls’ as Brittany Wilson, recently said she found herself in the porn industry.

It’s been almost three years since she entered the world of adult film after leaving Hollywood. Even with a short time in the industry, Maitland already has several such awards.

“I have this incredible opportunity to be wild and untamed as a sex performer. It’s a medium you can get anywhere else,” she said.

According to her, the industry porn it was less “degrading” than Hollywood. So much so that the decision she made was without any fear of stepping away from potential projects in Hollywood.

“I would be limited if I got stuck in equal roles. Now people will think of me in a different way, in a different situation. I want to bring adult cinema to the general public. I think sex and good entertainment can live together,” she said.

2 – Kelli McCarty



Kelli McCarty was Miss United States in 1991 and a Miss Universe runner-up. However, she also made a drastic change in her career. In 2009, Kelli accepted an invitation to star in her first porn movie, “Faithless.” The film came after she took part in the NBC soap opera “Passions”.

Around the time she made this transition into the porn industry, Kelli gave an interview and said she had fun doing the adult film. “It was a perfect opportunity to bring two of my passions together,” he said.

3 – Scotty Schwartz



The actor was a child star who starred in hit 1980s films such as “The Toy” and “A Christmas Story.” It didn’t take long for her to make her debut in the porn industry. In 1990, Scotty Schwartz starred in the movie “Beauty and the Beast: Part II”.

Scotty’s story is so interesting that the actor was featured in an episode of “E! True Hollywood Story” from “E! Entertainment” titled “Scotty Schwartz: From Child Star to the porn star” (“Scotty Schwartz: from child star to porn star”, translated).

4 – Jaime Foxworth



Between 1989 and 1993, Jaimee Foxworth played Judy Winslow in the American series “Family Matters”. Although the series was very successful, Jamie said in a 2014 interview that when she reached her teens, job invitations became scarce and her family began to be in need.

For this reason, at the age of 19, she ventured into the porn industry. But unlike Maitland Ward, who ended up in the porn industry, Jamiee said in an interview with Oprah that doing adult films was a big regret in her life.

5 – Holly Sampson



In the late 1980s, the actress took part in episodes of the series “Too Many Parents” and “Incredible Years”, as well as films such as “A Different Sound” and “Gia, Fame and Destruction”. But from the 1990s, she started her career in the porn industry.

In adult entertainment, the actress has adopted the name Nicolette Foster. According to IMDB, the actress has made more than 130 films aimed at adult audiences. Among them, “Emmanuelle 2000”, from 2001.

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