7 startups that take diversity seriously in business

LGBTQIA+: 7 startups that take diversity seriously in business Photo: Getty Creative.

  • According to data from Abstartups, out of more than 13,000 startups in the country, only 3.9% have founders who are gay, 1.5% bisexual, and 0.1% transgender;

  • In terms of employability, 75.1% of Brazilian startups believe that supporting diversity and inclusion in their companies is an important factor;

  • Despite the still unfavorable scenario, some entrepreneurs and startup executives have struggled to change this reality.

June 28 is celebrated as LGBTQIA+ Pride Day, which has been around for over 50 years. Currently, the subject addresses the challenges of civil society and companies of all sizes, particularly in the innovation ecosystem.

According to data from Abstartups (Brazilian Association of Startups), out of more than 13,000 startups in the country, only 3.9% have founders who are gay, 1.5% bisexual and 0.1% transgender, while 0.2 % have another sexual orientation. Heterosexuals correspond to 92.3% of the founders of technology companies in the country. In terms of employability, 75.1% of Brazilian startups believe that supporting diversity and inclusion in their companies is an important factor, but in practice only 3.3% of them act.

Despite the still unfavorable scenario, some entrepreneurs and startup executives have struggled to change this reality.

Meet 7 startups that are passionate about supporting diversity and inclusion in the LGBTQIA+ community.

  1. seed company

  2. Nubimetry

  3. casai

  4. Jobecam

  5. RoutingEasy

  6. Hisnek (IVI)

  7. Tag

seed company

Semente Negócios is an entrepreneurial education company whose goal is to promote prosperity through innovation and which has a structured diversity plan. With approximately 27% of employees belonging to the LGBTQIA+ community, the company adopts certain practices promoting gender equality.

“We have implemented an initial selection process without personal data, in addition to active prospecting positioned as diversified, corporate communication positioned in favor of diversity, and internal actions such as a diversity committee, structured conversations and diversity training”, says partner and director of operations da Semente, Alline Goulart In addition to these benefits, there is also a six-month maternity and paternity leave, including for couples of same sex.


Nubimetrics is a startup that provides sellers with smart data and arrived in Brazil in early 2021. Since then, it has grown throughout the Brazilian territory, not only in revenue, but also in diversity. Indeed, the most important position of the startup in Brazil is held by the Global Chief Revenue Officer, Juliana Vital, who in addition to being a data specialist for e-commerce, is also a member of the LGBTQIA+ community. In this way, the professional aims to bring even more equality to the public in the midst of innovation.


Casai is a hosting startup that arrived in Brazil in May 2021 and has over 700 units in São Paulo, Rio de Janeiro, Florianópolis and Brasilia. Nico Barawid, CEO and co-founder of Casai, was considered one of the most relevant LGBTQIA+ leaders in Mexico, according to a special issue of Expansión magazine. The award aims to recognize individuals who contribute to and inspire the LGBTQIA+ population inside and outside of their positions to live in freedom, visibility and success.

For the executive, one of the company’s pillars is to create safe spaces in the world and change the way people travel. Therefore, it is essential to support organizations that do the same, helping to develop welcoming and inclusive environments for all communities.


Jobecam, HRTech reference in selection and D&I, helps companies to have more diversified, fair and efficient selection processes thanks to video technology using anonymous interviews, applies tools such as CVs and anonymous interviews (live or recorded ), eliminating unconscious bias; prior interpretations of the individual when sex, age, race, color, ethnicity, sexual orientation, among other more personal characteristics, are informed.

In this way, it contributes to the inclusion of all the communities that are part of the company’s borders in the business environment. “We often create prior perceptions about certain social groups with whom we have had contact or experience in life. This interpretation creates significant barriers in several situations and also when conducting a job interview, for example. We call these unconscious biases and the best way to avoid them is to get to know them,” emphasizes Cammila Yochabell, CEO of Jobecam.


The logistics startup offers solutions for optimizing, managing and orchestrating deliveries. Using artificial intelligence and machine learning, the company has developed a SaaS (Software as a Service) that allows its more than 350 customers from different sectors and sizes to save up to 40%, in addition to Maestro, a solution that enables same-day delivery for brands with high demand delivery of different products present in different distribution hubs.

Internally, the startup is betting on the diversity of professionals to be recruited. » I am the support coordinator thanks to a direct invitation from our CEO. I found at RoutEasy a super welcoming environment, where I can be myself with the opportunity to excel professionally, being the first time I was recognized to the point of having a management position, being a black man and gay. The most important thing is that representation within our company is treated normally, which makes

that everyone feels comfortable belonging,” says the Washington Toledo-certified journalism professional.

Hisnek (IVI)

Thought as an inclusive startup and Hisnëk, a Brazilian healthtech specializing in helping to prevent emotional illnesses in the workplace, through Ivi, the country’s first virtual assistant for emotional health and well-being. After a crisis in the middle of motherhood, Carolina Dassie, CEO and founder of Hisnëk in 2014, decided to create something that has a positive impact on people, in order to bring quality of life and well-being in the environment. of the company. In addition to specializing in the mental support of employees, IVI seeks to ensure that its staff has leaders who inspire diversity, such as the head of marketing, Francisco Assis: “For me, it is essential to have this vision at inside the company and more than that. , show our customers that mental health and diversity also go hand in hand”

Ivi is a relevant tool for the prevention of emotional illnesses through artificial intelligence, collecting data completely anonymously and then directing each user with the necessary intervention and guidance for the user’s emotional health. All features of Ivi are fully tested and validated by Albert Einstein Hospital.


Taqe, a digital recruitment and selection platform for jobs and courses, is a solution that helps companies create more inclusive selection processes. Using algorithms and data intelligence, the solution uses interactive games to create a professional identity for the candidates, from there, the recruiter can analyze the profile based on the performance of the games and prioritize the people who are part of it. of the most diverse groups.

In addition to committing to ensuring a safe and discrimination-free work environment for employees, the startup is also helping to generate more opportunities for young people from the LGBTQIAPN+ community to enter the job market. Grupo Movile, one of HRTech’s clients, used Taqe to screen its talent attraction and recruitment program. The objective was to recruit 70% of diverse candidates, favoring minority groups for the Mobile Dream 2021 promotion. At the end of the program, 182 people were hired, 32% LGBTI +, 40.1% considered black or brown and 54 .9% women.

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