The Simpson family came from Tondela for the final and forgot…the tickets

There is everything in Mata do Jamor!

It’s a day of celebration and no one wants to miss it.

Let alone the Simpson family, of course.

Even more, being from Tondela!

Yellow there in the middle of the green, they don’t fool anyone. Despite their small size, which distinguishes them from other fans.

There’s a lot of food there. Drink when enough is enough. And an overflowing animation.

Or they weren’t the Simpson family!

It is not those who ride in trains in front of the stage that emit music of dubious quality, but guarantee the rhythm of the party there.

They also haven’t “conquered” enough space to play net on a markedly sloping pitch.

They do not stagger to the rhythm of the many beers that are drunk in the hours preceding the match which will decide the winner of the Portuguese Cup.

But they don’t need any of that. They have been part of the Simpson family for many years. And this time the clumsy Homer was played by Nuno Antunes.

“We came from Tondela and I forgot the notes of the whole family,” he says smiling.

But what is ? Do you go to a match and leave yourself at home which allows you to see the long-awaited historic match for the local club?

We have already noticed: more have come for the party.

“No, no. The most important thing is the game itself. I’m also here to support the fan zone of the Tondela city council. But we mainly came to see the match,” he says.

came. But at home were tickets for seven Tondela supporters.

“I had my ticket, that of my wife and my daughter, my parents and my in-laws”, adds Nuno, always with a smile on his face and an accelerated rhythm due to a call to go to the fan zone .

The question that does not want to be silent: then, and now?

” It is resolved ! I noticed while passing by Coimbra, I was about to turn back, but I called my brother-in-law who still hadn’t left Tondela and stopped at my house to pick them up. He still made a mistake at the door, but he managed to get in,” he says with another laugh.

Nuno Antunes was the ‘Homer Simpson’ who forgot his tickets at Tondela

“We went on foot to Fátima, we got lost and came back without going to the Sanctuary”

Amid the thousands of fans who have gathered in the Jamor forest since early morning, Nuno’s group catches our attention with the jerseys they are wearing.

It is clear that they are fans of Tondela by the yellow environment.

But they do not equip Tondela. Even less FC Porto.

They proudly wear the family jersey: the Simpsons.

We asked Nuno why. The answer says it all. Although he didn’t say anything.

“It’s precisely because of episodes like this with the tickets. We have thousands of them,” he says.

And then he sends us to ask the women of the family for explanations: his wife, Tânia Maneira, and his godmother, Guida Baptista.

“We are the Simpsons family because these things happen to us all the time. Always, ”reinforces Tânia.

And the stories begin.

And there is everything. As in the forest of Jamor.

There are episodes of running out of gas on the highway.

There is that of a day like today. The day they lit the stove for a picnic and (un)waited for it to boil. Until they realized yes, the gas was on…but the flame was missing.

And then there is an episode as paradigmatic as going to the Jamor final and not taking the tickets. An episode that took place… a week ago.

“We walked to Fatima. We must have gotten lost there and when we realized that we had already turned around and hadn’t even gone to the Sanctuary”.

General laughter of course.

And in the end, the story of the ticket even went well. At least they got to Jamor. And they even went to see the game.

A historic day for Tondela. That even the Simpson family couldn’t lose.

Or rather, could have lost. It would be completely normal for that to happen to them. Because the Jamor forest has something magical about it. But it can’t work miracles.

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