Sens Comes To Rainbow Six Siege To Blind Enemies In Operation Vector Glare

Rainbow Six Siege the new one will premiere Vector Glare Operation Coming soon. In Season 2 2022 Update Ubisoft game will get Sense, an attack character that creates walls of light to damage the vision of enemies. The update will also bring an exclusive map for deathmatch mode, in addition to an unprecedented firing range and balance adjustments.

Sans, from Rainbow Six Siege
Sans arrives at Rainbow Six Siege in Operation Vector Glare (Image: Handout/Ubisoft)

O technoblog has been invited by Ubisoft to test the content of the next major update of Rainbow Six Siege and recounts, in detail, the news of Operation Vector Glare, in the following lines. Meaning, the new map and other changes are expected to hit the game’s servers in June 7.

Sens supports during the attack

Sense has one point in speed and three points in health
Sens has one point in speed and three points in health (Image: Murilo Tunholi/Tecnoblog)

The main novelty of Operation Vector Glare is the launch of Sense. As an attacker, your duty is to support the creation of safe paths with the Projector ROU. This gadget is shaped like a wheel and, when thrown, leaves behind spotlights that emit walls of light capable of limiting the vision of other operators.

Sens stands out for more style tactical than other attack operators. THE low speed of a single point is compensated by three point armor, which grant more hit points. Due to your limited mobility, you must move carefully and think about your strategy before acting.

In his arsenal, Sens has the new weapon POF-9 and or rifle 417 as the main equipment. Meanwhile, the secondary armaments are the SDP 9MM and the SKIRTS-6. In the additional gadget it is possible to choose between heavy demolition charge and claymore.

The Arsenal of Sens in Rainbow Six Siege
Arsenal of Sens in Rainbow Six Siege (Image: Murilo Tunholi/Tecnoblog)

in the history of Rainbow Six SiegeMeaning is part of the Team Wolfguard, the largest humanitarian military unit in the world. Led by Doc, the team still has members such as Lion, Montagne, Nomad, Twitch, Ying, Clash, Melusi, Bandit, Frost, Thunderbird, and Castle.

Originally from Belgium, Sens has military experience and a background in psychology. Another interesting fact is his gender non-binary, having both feminine and masculine traits. Also, as this is an important feature of Sens, we try to avoid the use of pronouns in this text.

in conversation with the technoblogoh game designer Mathieu Lacombe stated that Ubisoft’s goal is to provide gamers with characters that most people can relate to.

“We want to make sure that we do it as correctly as possible. So much so that we allocate resources to ensure the good representation of these people [não-binárias]. It’s good when our players can identify with or be inspired by a character. We like when people say ‘my video game supports my positions and those of others’”.

Mathieu Lacombe, Rainbow Six Siege game designer.

Close Quarter and more update news

Close Quarter is Rainbow Six Siege's exclusive playoff map (Image: Handout/Ubisoft)
Close Quarter is Rainbow Six Siege’s exclusive playoff map (Image: Handout/Ubisoft)

In addition to Sens, Operation Vector Glare unlocks an exclusive map for Deathmatch mode: Near neighborhood. This arena is located in Greece and offers a kind of battle simulation circuit, with several floors, stairs, ramps, destructible walls and small rooms.

During testing, we played a few matches on the map. The clashes were very quick and dynamic, with a lot of firefights. The Arena is likely to appeal to players who like to get in on the action and benefit Operators with lots of stamina.

It will also be possible to access a shooting range to test weapons and operators, as well as to practice with different setups.

The update still implements the first phase of the reputation system, which aims to improve player behavior. An example is Reverse Friendly Fire, whose function is to punish people who deliberately and continuously injure their teammates during matches.

Finally, players will have more privacy and accessibility settings to use, such as options to hide profile information and turn off screen shake during explosions. During balance adjustments, some Operators will receive a third weapon to choose from as secondary gear.

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