São Gonçalo acts against the Aedes aegypti mosquito

Although São Gonçalo has not increased dengue fever cases this year, the services provided by the Environmental Health Surveillance Sector of the Municipal Department of Health and Civil Defense to prevent the proliferation of the Aedes aegypti mosquito are carried out regularly . However, residents must do their part, avoiding the accumulation of water, which helps mosquito breeding.

The latest rapid survey of Aedes aegypti (Liraa) infestation rates from São Gonçalo, conducted in April this year, indicated 1.2 infestations, considered medium risk. Between January and May 18, 2022, 34 dengue fever cases were reported in the city, but only 8 were confirmed – 1 in Tribobó, 5 in Porto Novo and 2 in Galo Branco.

Agents responsible for controlling arboviruses from Environmental Health Surveillance visit homes in all neighborhoods, informing residents about the possible breeding grounds of the mosquito which, in addition to dengue fever, can transmit zika and chikungunya. If they find larvae, they eliminate and/or apply larvicides, place screens in water tanks and install ovitraps, which are used to capture eggs, report the number of mosquitoes in an area and direct actions against the proliferation of the vector.

There is also the blocking of the proliferation of mosquitoes by spraying insecticide through smoky cars or through motorized fogs, which take place daily in the streets of neighborhoods. Information, Education and Communication (IEC) group officers also give lectures at churches, associations, schools, events and squares, in addition to carrying out inspections and inspections at strategic points such as garbage dumps. and shipyards.

“We have many actions to prevent the proliferation of mosquitoes, but we cannot be in people’s homes every day. Therefore, population monitoring should be constant so that no accumulation of water is left in the house. We need to monitor and clean gutters and drains, cover water tanks, turn bottles and containers upside down, fill potted plant bins with sand, keep tarps for building materials and swimming pools always tense, storing old tires, keeping barrels and canisters closed, ”said the director of environmental health surveillance, Adauto Galvão.

In addition to home visiting teams, Environmental Monitoring also has emergency care. Any citizen can call the sector and request a visit in the event of an infestation of any vector. Appointments are made, on average, within a week. In these cases, officers investigate the complaint and take the necessary steps to eliminate the vectors. Complaints can be made by calling Environmental Watch (21) 3195-5198 ext. 1008 or Vector Coordination (21) 2604-6446.

Schedule insecticide sprays

Monday (23): Maria Paula, Laranjal, Boaçu, Jardim Catarina, Luiz Caçador and Recanto das Acacias

Tuesday (24): Boa Vista, Sacramento, Galo Branco, Jardim Catarina, Alcântara and Jardim Alcântara

Wednesday (25): Porto da Pedra, Santa Izabel, Lindo Parque, Jardim Catarina, Raul Veiga and Vila Três

Thursday (26): Paraíso, Almerinda, Brasilândia, Tribobó and Fazenda dos Mineiros

Friday (27): Mangueira, Parada 40, Jardim Miriambi, Rosane, Vila Iara, Santa Luzia and Mutondo

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