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They are stars themselves. They have already signed works that would make their peers envious. They even won awards. But appearing at the Oscars opened other doors for them… for the flights that follow. Some are so great that in the future they will take to the stage of the Dolby Theater to receive a golden statuette too.

Ladies and gentlemen, here are the stars of a future (already present).


Jacob Elordi

At 24 years, this young actor drew the attention of young audiences to himself. The Australian has participated in the romantic comedies of netflix, ‘Kissing Booth’ (there were three), gimmick for “all things” teenage worldwide. monitoring ‘Euphoria’. And that’s where his life changed. The one who was just TV’s new pretty boy has stepped into the Hollywood spotlight. In the complicated role of rebellious and sexual Nate, a violent boy capable of the most atrocious things, Jacob is no longer just a teenage sex symbol but an actor to be reckoned with. For now, in the future program, he has the erotic ‘Deep Water’ (with Ben Affleck) and the independent film with Zachary Quinto, ‘He Went That Way’. Jacob just has to “tone it down” from the weird interviews he gives, often as if he were the psychopath Nate himself, and all will be well…

The alluring ‘dandy’ style of ‘Euphoria’ bad boy Jacob Elordi


Anya Taylor Joy
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I wanted to be a ballerina but at 17 she was seen by a modeling agency ‘booker’, who hired her while she was walking the dogs, In London. From there to the big screen, not much was missing. After having cut all her scenes in her first film, ‘Vampire Academy’ (and fortunately because it was a huge failure), Anya continues the small roles until the horror film ‘Split’, in 2016. During the 5 last years hasn’t stopped and we won’t even mention everything: ‘Thoroughbreds’, ‘Glass’, ‘Emma’, ‘The New Mutants’ (her adventure in the gigantic Marvel), and the series ‘Queen’s Gambit’, and ‘Peaky Blinders’ – especially the first, where she played an unforgettable protagonist – in addition to the film ‘Last Night in Soho’, there were some highlights.

But what follows… is already starting this year with the long-awaited ‘Northland’ opposite Nicole Kidman and Alexander Skarsgard. Horror flick ‘The Menu’ follows, where he joins a deluxe cast that includes Ralph Fiennes, John Leguizamo and Nicholas Hoult among many other movie names in a film about a chef who will serve them…a horror of a meal . In 2023, she will be one of the stars of ‘Nosferatus’ (the long-awaited remake of the 1922 film) and ‘Furiosa’, the sequel to ‘Mad Max’. Enough, or do we need more? To be considered by most publications as the big reveal of this decade should also help…

Checkmate! Queen’s Gambit star reaches Hollywood level


Photo: Instagram

To call her Tom Holland’s girlfriend today is to downplay his career…and everything that will follow in the years to come. The American star started in music and in all Disney projects (like “ICarly”) and no one expected her to become the star everyone is talking about. At just 25 years old, Zendaya has become a name to remember. On TV (‘Euphoria’) and cinema (The three films of ‘Spider Man’ where is MJ from; ‘Malcolm & Marie’,The greatest showman and more recently ‘Dune’), and of course fashion, with her appearance on the red carpet of any awards show being one of the most anticipated.

Dating Tom Holland is just the icing on an already delicious cake. But Zendaya doesn’t want to stop there and it won’t be long before she arrives at the Dolby Theater for her first Oscar nomination. It’s that 2022 and 2023 are packed: The second part of ‘Dune’, follows ‘Challenges‘, where he is the protagonist and still the great investment of this year “Megapolis” with Cate Blanchett, Michelle Pheiffer and Oscar Isaac in a story about the destruction of New York. And that may just be the beginning…because Marvel/Sony wants her back for another “Spider-Man” adventure.

The trap woman: Zendaya the sexiest and most talented star of the moment… she even conquered Bradley Cooper


Hailee Steinfeld
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She sings, dances and plays. It is a threat from all points of view. You don’t know who it is? So we give you a few minutes to watch the videos: ‘Love Myself’, ‘Starving’ or even the latest ‘I Love Us’. At the age of 25, he started acting 15 years ago, in the movie ‘She’s a Fox’. And it hasn’t stopped since. He starred in ‘Indomitable’, ‘Summer Camp’, ‘Another Tone’, ‘3 Days to Kill’, ‘A Perfect Rhythm’ (second and third films), ‘No Limiar dos 18’ and of course in one of the sagas of Transformers, in ‘Bumblebee’. clearer? Great because now everything is easier. Hailee is the new Hawkeye, or ‘Hawkeye’, since she took on the role of Kate Bishop, which she will keep in the next adventures of the wonder. He adds a trip to the 19th century with the series ‘Dickinson’, having meanwhile warned fans that he will be the voice of Gwen Stacy in ‘Spider Man – Across the Universe part 1’, the adventures of Spider-Man in an animated version. … At the movie theater. And then there are the boyfriends: she was with Cameron Smoller and then with One Direction star Niall Horan and Charlie Puth.

Sing, dance, play… Meet the most versatile woman of the new generation of the Seventh Art, which we will talk about





Timothée Chalamet
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Have you ever heard of “Chalamaniacs”? Not. There are thousands…probably millions in the world. Judo because of the young actor for whom they have an almost “deadly” adoration. This young American, who grew up between the United States and France (which leads him to speak French without an accent) he started playing when he was still at school… even dated Lola Lourdes Leon (yes, Madonna’s daughter). Gradually he started acting, making his debut in 2008 with a short film, ‘Clown’.

Nine years later, he becomes a star and conquers these fans that we talk about thanks to “Call Me By Your Name”. monitoring ‘Lady Bird’, ‘Hostis’, ‘Beautiful Boy’, ‘A Rainy Day in New York’, ‘Little Women’… and now, of course, ‘Dune’. It’s been applauded by everyone and even been nominated for the Dolby Theatre, but what’s to come promises to give it even bigger flights, if that’s possible. The actor first returns to the role of Paul Atreides in second part of ‘Dune’. It follows ‘Wonka’ and ‘Bones & All’. In all of them, he is a protagonist… but the awards could be knocking on his door in 2023 when to transform into Bob Dylan in ‘Going Electric’. But it’s not just here that he plays cards. In fashion, Timothée has become the new face to follow, both for his risky choices and for the trends he generates… the most recent of which is to wear a women’s coat for the 94th edition of the Oscars, without a shirt or t the shirt. which left everyone speechless… then standing applause. As for the heart… it is said to come from Lily Rose Deep.

Who resists you? He’s the “kid of the moment”: Timothée Chalamet, the most fashionable of the Seventh Art


Emily Jones
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She is one of the stars of the Academy Award-winning Best Picture, “The Beat of the Heart” (or “CODA”).. With 20 years, promises to be the great sensation of the next times. This young Englishwoman stood out in 2015 thanks to “Residue” (film and series), which made her name known to the British. Smaller roles in “Skyscrapers”, “Ghostland” and “Nuclear” followed until he took over the show. ‘Locke & Key’… by Netflix, where he brings Kinsey Locke to life. The series starts filming again for what could be its last season (the third) in a few weeks, then it gets “Cat”, the story of a student who begins a relationship with an older man, after seeing her several times to work. at the cinema he frequents. Michael Gandolfini, Isabella Rossellini and Max Jenkins are some of the stars who join her in this film which is a psychological thriller adapted from a short story.

Her role as “CODA” has also caught the attention of Marvel Studios, but she appears as an unassigned character in the few releases of the giant studio’s new productions. Emilia Jones, meanwhile, continues to receive praise for her talent and her voice, namely Joni Mitchell (the young actress sings the singer’s song ‘Both Sides Now’ in the film ‘CODA’), followed by Lady Gaga. .then Prince William who congratulated her on her performance in the film.

Who is the star of ‘CODA’?

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