Amber Heard’s agent says she’s being boycotted in Hollywood for Johnny Depp

After Johnny Depp was accused of domestic violence by his ex-wife, Amber Heardthe star lost several job opportunities, such as future films in the franchise’Pirates of the Caribbean‘ and his role as Grindelwald in ‘Fantastic Beasts 3

But just like Depp, heard reports that the revelation of the affair had negative repercussions on her image and on her acting career.

During the trial of the case, the example of Aquaman 2‘ was cited several times by Heard’s team, as her role as Mera was significantly reduced in the sequel due to the controversy.

In his deposition (via comics), the star said:

“I fought to stay in the film. They didn’t want to include me, until they decided to bring me in a very reduced version of this role. new versions of the script, which removed the action scenes with Mera and her interaction with other characters. Without giving any spoilers, there would be two characters fighting each other. They basically excluded a lot of my presence in the film .

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In addition, the agent Amber Heard, Jessica Kovacevicsubmitted a pre-recorded statement to the court, detailing the actress’ career before and after her falling out with Dep.

Kovacevic alleges that Heard was almost replaced by Aquaman 2′ for no reason, and only received $2 million For the job.

Behind the scenes, rumors indicated that the Warner Bros. wanted to fire her for “lack of chemistry” with the star Jason Momoa.

However, the agent claims there were no concrete reasons for his dismissal, saying his image was damaged by accusations of Deppwho also sued her for defamation.

Kovacevic also said that Heard has been boycotted in Hollywood since appearing in ‘Aquamansince she has only been invited to star in one independent film (“In the Fire”) in the last three years.

According to the agent, Heard was supposed to star in an Amazon movie with Gael Garcia Bernal, but was dropped from the project without notice.

“The truth is, no one is saying out loud, ‘We were firing her because of her poor media image.’ ‘Cause she didn’t do anything wrong. [o que dizem] about him is the rumor. They can say anything, but there’s no other reason to fire her.these Kovacevic (Going through Variety).

And it’s not just the Warner who tries to push back Heard of the role of Mera, since the petition asking for resignation of the actress has already exceeded 4 million signatures.

In part of the text, the creator of the document says the following:

Amber Heard was reported as a domestic abuser by Johnny Depp. In the process, Johnny describes several incidents he suffered at the hands of his (then) wife, including being punched in the face and once she broke her finger with a bottle of vodka. The finger was even surgically replaced. He will carry these scars for the rest of his life.

Remembering that ‘Aquaman and the lost kingdom‘ was postponed from December of this year to March 17, 2023.

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