5 Hollywood studios ban film releases in Russia

Scene from Warner’s ‘Batman’ — Photo: Disclosure

The conflict between Russia and Ukraine also has an impact on the entertainment industry. So much so that the first five Hollywood studios stop broadcasting their releases in Russian theaters..

So far, Disney, Warner, Sony, Paramount and Universal have temporarily suspended the reproduction of new films in Russia. With this attitude, it means that the top five Hollywood studios have officially suspended the release of their films in Russia for the time being.

Paramount Pictures was the latest studio on the list to suspend theatrical release of its upcoming films in Russia. The announcement was made on Tuesday (1), and the next premieres would be “Sonic 2: The Movie”, on March 31, and the comedy “Lost City”, on April 7. “We stand with all those affected by the humanitarian crisis in Ukraine, Russia and in our international markets and will continue to monitor the situation as it unfolds,” the studio said in a statement.

Universal also joined the boycott on Tuesday (1). Universal’s upcoming overseas releases include animated film “The Bad Guys,” which opens March 17 in Brazil, action thriller “Ambulance – A Crime Day” on March 24, and “Jurassic World – Dominion” in June.

Disney pulls the boycott

Last Monday (28), Walt Disney kicked off the ‘boycott’ moment and announced the hiatus of premieres. the studio announced that no films from Walt Disney Studios, Animation, Lucasfilm, Pixar and Marvel will screen indefinitely in Russia.

Shortly after, it was the turn of Warner Bros. express yourself – starting with the newest “The Batman,” which hits theaters on March 3. “In regards to the humanitarian crisis in Ukraine, Warner Media is suspending the release of its Batman film in Russia,” the memo reads. “We will continue to monitor the situation as it develops. We look forward to a speedy and peaceful resolution to this tragedy. »

Then came Sony. The studio has announced the cancellation of the screening of Marvel’s “Morbius,” which premieres worldwide in April. “Based on the ongoing military action in Ukraine, the uncertain outcome and the unfolding humanitarian crisis in the region, we are suspending our theatrical releases in Russia. Our thoughts and prayers are with all those affected. , and we hope that this crisis will be resolved quickly.”

as I have said Variety, Russia is not a key market for American cinema. But a number of blockbusters released in recent years have done well in the country. “Spider-Man: No Coming Home“generated $44 million in revenue, and”Venom: Time of Carnagegrossed $32 million domestically, making it the film’s second-largest market after North America. “Uncharted: off the map“e”death on the nile”, the last two Hollywood releases, respectively grossed $9 million and $6.7 million.

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