12 Hollywood Actors Who Are Brazilian You Didn’t Know About

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Not only is Brazil home to all kinds of cultures, but Brazilians are known to be all over the planet. Hollywood is no different, and there are a wide variety of actors born in Brazil, or children of Brazilians, who have achieved stardom in film and television.

Discover below 12 Hollywood actors who are Brazilian and that you did not know!

Barbie Ferreira

Rising name in Hollywood, Barbie Ferreira has already won two major roles in the film Disgraced (2020) and, of course, playing Kat in both seasons of Euphoria. In addition, she is already confirmed in the casting of Nope! Do not look!the next movie Jordan Pele (Course!, We).

A lot of people don’t know Barbie Ferreira is the daughter of Brazilians on her mother’s side. Because of this, she knows how to interact frequently with fans in Brazil on her social media, normally speaking in Portuguese – even with a Minas Gerais accent, something she says she got from her grandmother.

Henry Zaga

Born in Brasília, Henry Zaga is another Brazilian actor who is gaining more and more space in Hollywood. Since his first role at 22 in 2015, he has only acted in foreign productions.

After a small participation in The Mysteries of Laura, Henry Zaga was recruited to the cast of Teen Wolfa successful series of MTV where Josh Diaz lived. After that he had recurring characters in 13 reasons why, trinkets, The stall and the miniseries Who are you, Alaska?. In the cinema, he also gave life to the Sunspotbrazilian hero in The New Mutants (2020).

Kaya Scodelario

The Brazilian ancestry of Kaya Scodelario It usually takes people by surprise. The actress was born in London, UK, to a Brazilian mother, and was raised in English and Portuguese. For this reason, it is very common to see her giving interviews in Portuguese to national vehicles, which always baffles the minds of the public.

the program of Kaya Scodelario it’s quite impressive. Her first role was in Lunar (2009), a film that marked the director’s debut Duncan Jones (the son of david bowie), but the role that launched her to stardom was playing Effy in the British series Skins. Since then, he has also starred in the saga maze runner, Pirates of the Caribbean: Salazar’s Revenge (2017), killer predators (2019) e Resident Evil: Welcome to Raccoon City (2021), in which Claire Redfield lived.

Camila Mendes

Even if you were born in the United States, Camila Mendes is the daughter of a Brazilian couple, and even came to live in Brazil for a while when she was little. Because of this, she is fluent in Portuguese and, according to her, has stayed in touch with Brazilian culture – whether by frequently returning to the country or in her family’s WhatsApp groups.

Camila Mendes is well known for living at Veronica Lodge in Riverdalethe beloved and hated series of C.W. who adapts the comics Tourma do Archie. Besides, she has also starred in comedies like The perfect date (2019) e Palm Springs (2020).

mia goth

Darling of weird and horror movies, mia goth was born in the UK, but came to Brazil with his family when he was just a few months old and stayed there until he was five years old. If you doubt the Brazilian identity of the actress, just look at her full name: Mia Gypsy Mello da Silva Gothic. The profession is also in her blood since she is the granddaughter of the Brazilian actress Maria Gladys. In 2021, Goth paid tribute to her grandmother with a remote appearance on the show The night is oursa Recordin which he appears speaking in Portuguese.

the program of mia goth is full of provocative films. He makes his debut in the second film of nymphomaniac (2013), from Lars of Trierthen followed by equally tense projects, such as The survivor (2015), A cure (2016) e Suspiria: The Dance of Fear (2018).

Lino Facioli

Lino Facioli got big during the The iron Thronefor playing the little maniac Robin Arryn in the television series HBO. Although he grew up in London, he was born in Ribeirão Preto.

Besides the character of The iron Thronethe actor has also performed with Tim Roth and Cillian Murphy em Broken (2012), and star Sex educationseries of netflix where Dex Thompson lives.

Alfred Enoch

Alfred Enoch became known for playing Dean Thomas in the saga Harry Potter, with appearances in every film since the first. The British accent is justified, as he was born in the UK, but is the son of a Brazilian, has Brazilian nationality and even speaks Portuguese with a Carioca accent.

Outraged Harry Potterthe actor also starred in the miniseries Troy: the fall of a cityjoin the cast of How to get away with murderand can currently be found in the cast of Foundation. Recently, he also played his first role in a Brazilian production, having starred in Interim measure (2020) alongside Tais Araujo and Your Georgewith the direction of Lazaro Ramos.

Morena Baccarin

One of the most successful Brazilian actresses, Morena Baccarin was born in Rio de Janeiro, but his entire career was spent abroad. His CV is marked by many roles particularly relevant to pop culture, such as that of Inara Serra in FireflyAdria em Stargate SG-1Anna in 5: Visitorsand Vanessa in the films of dead Pool.

The Brazilian seems to have a particular fondness for DC Comics. In addition to voicing characters such as Black Canary and Talia Al-Ghul in animations, she played Doctor Leslie Thompkins in the series. Gothamand is also the voice of the artificial intelligence Gideon in the flash.

Julia Goldani Telles

Born in Los Angeles, Julia Goldani Telles is the daughter of a Mexican father and a Brazilian mother, and grew up in Rio de Janeiro from the age of two to five. When he returned to the United States, he only spoke Portuguese due to his upbringing.

Dedicated to ballet, she only started performing after suffering an injury, but her affinity for dancing landed her her first role on the show. Bunheads, in which the dancer Sasha Torres lived. After that, he took part in Gilmore Girls: An Unforgettable Yearand starred in series like The case and The girlfriend experience. In the cinema he played Slender Man: Faceless Nightmare (2018) eo drama haunted land (2018).

Daniel Benzali

Although he is no longer active today, Daniel Benzali is a Brazilian actor with a very solid background abroad. Born in Rio de Janeiro, he grew up in New York, but studied performing arts in the UK. There, he imposed himself on the theater after having joined the prestigious Shakespeare’s Royal Companywhere he starred in productions with Malcolm McDowell (A clockwork orange) and starred in the first cut of sunset boulevardfrom Andrew Lloyd Weber (The Phantom of the Opera, Cats).

In the cinema, he starred in films such as 007 – In the sights of the Assassins (1985) and Crime in the White House (1997). He also participated a lot in television series like File X, The outer limits, general hospital, Californication, Jericho, Blue NYPDamong many others.

Maiara Walsh

With some interesting roles in his career, Maiara Walsh is a name that tends to get a bit of a beat when it comes to Brazilians in Hollywood, but it’s still worth noting. The daughter of a Brazilian mother, she was born in the United States, but moved to São Paulo from age 2 to 11.

At 19, he landed a recurring role in comedy Cory at the White Housein which Meena Paroom starred in the series disney channel. Subsequently, he also participated in Desperate Housewives and lived Mia Valdez in The last boat.

Jordana Brewster

Although he was born in Panama, the Jordana Brewster considers herself Brazilian because of her mother and for being raised in Rio de Janeiro from the age of six to ten. To date, the actress is fluent in Portuguese.

The main role of Jordana Brewster is like Mia Toretto, the sister of the character of Wine Diesel em Fast and Furious. She was cast in the first movie, starting in 2001, and remains in the franchise to this day. Moreover, the star The Texas Chainsaw Massacre: The Beginning (2006) and the television series of death machine.

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