“We have reached the point in Portugal where it seems anyone can be an actor”

MArta Gil was this Saturday 21, the protagonist of the show ‘Conta-me’. The actress spoke to Manuel Luís Goucha about her life journey.

“Being an actress is what I am, I’m sure of it,” she said, expressing her opinion on the profession with conviction.

“I think the bias against telenovela comes from the actors themselves, not from the audience,” he said, adding that he thinks telenovelas are very important to actors.

“Maybe we’ve now reached a point in the world, or that phase of ours in Portugal, where it seems like anyone can be an actor… But that’s not the case. It seems , but that doesn’t mean it’s true,” he shot, assuming his statements were made “only” as a criticism.

“I don’t think all actors have to study for it, because there are brilliant actors who haven’t studied, but there is work behind it. All actors have to have work,” he said. underlined, defending that for him the “respect for the profession”.

“It’s not coming in here saying things and taking pictures and being on the cover of a magazine, it’s more than that. Let’s stop this illusion about this profession. Let’s stop thinking that being an actor is having 50k on Instagram and taking pictures and selling products. It’s not, it never was and it’s not supposed to be, ”he said, assuming then and already tears in my eyes: “I’m really bored talking about these things”.

“I come from this background, most of my friends are from this background. From the actor who works, who took conservatory, who did 30 a line and who has no job. I live with these people on a daily basis and, therefore, I cannot remain indifferent”, declared.

Marta also admits that she has already gone through “very complicated phases because she chose to be an actress”. When she returned to quarantine from the USA, she needed to work in a bandstand, adventures which she takes on with pride and which do not make her regret having chosen the path of representation.

In Los Angeles, the Portuguese artist worked as an actress and at the same time, on weekends, in a restaurant. The experience made her even more certain that there is no reason for Portuguese actors to be ashamed of doing other works in Portugal when they cannot be in the artistic milieu.

“We create this prejudice in our heads so much that later on we’d rather be at home waiting for the phone to ring, and it doesn’t ring and we don’t have money to pay for things at the end of the month. C t’s a prejudice that the actors themselves have to get out of our heads,” she explained, grateful for the stable phase she is currently going through but always ready to roll up her sleeves in case something does not happen. as expected.

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