The new mobile state can be updated now live on Android, iOS

State Mobile’s new May update is currently available on Android and iOS, game developer Krafton announced Friday. The list of new things added by the update includes a new map, a new weapon, a battle leveling system, an action feature, and a Survivor Pass. The new map is called Underbridge and can be found in Round Deathmatch mode. A new battle leveling system is also added to the Round Deathmatch mode. The new weapon introduced is a Designated Marksman Rifle (DMR). The update also brings Survivor Pass Volume 7. The update also brings a number of bug fixes to the mobile game along with the update.

There are a number of new additions in New State Mobile version 0.9.32. The new update brings a new map called Underbridge to the Round Deatchmatch mode. The map is designed for medium to long range battles and features two watchtowers so players can spot enemies from a distance. Care Packages will not appear on the new map, unlike the previous Arena map.

Round Deathmatch mode is also getting a new battle leveling system in the update. In the new system, players can earn combat experience points based on the outcome of the team/round deathmatch, including victory, defeat, death, and damage. Players who leave the match and their team mid-game will not be eligible for points. After reaching a specific combat level, players will receive a Weapon Customization Kit for the Round Deathmatch preset.

The new State Mobile update also brings a new weapon to the game. The weapon, M110A1 is a new Designated Marksman Rifle (DMR) that uses 7.62mm ammo. The developers claim it has the fastest bullet speed among DMRs in the game. a muzzle and cheek pad slot,” the developer added.

Krafton also added a new action feature called Piggyback to the game. This feature allows players to piggyback on knocked down players and carry them to safety. Players can piggyback on allies and enemies. While using the Piggyback action feature, players will not be able to use other actions.

The May update also includes the Survivor Pass Volume 7 featuring Paul Rubin of the New State faction which is coming to the mobile version of the game. Players will be able to earn Paul Rubin’s outfits and appearance by completing all the missions of stories that are published weekly.

New State Mobile also receives several bug fixes in the latest update. Crash-related bug fixes include an issue where a smartphone would shut down while waiting to enter the home island in Troi, another issue where the game would randomly close after skydiving, and the issue where the client would force closing when entering a vehicle. Other aspects of the game such as gameplay, sound, and graphics also received bug fixes.


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