THE BALL – Portugal scores again at the European U-17 Championship (Football)

Portugal scored another rout in the European U-17 Championship. After the 5-1 imposed on Scotland, this Friday the team beat Sweden by 4-2, in a match where the full potential of the Portuguese team was once again well demonstrated. And there was even the right to an artistic note.

It is true that the Swedes opened the scoring, through Kanga, after 7 minutes, but the response from José Lima’s men was dazzling and, at half-time, the result was already… 3-1. Rodrigo Ribeiro (header), João Veloso (trivela!) and Afonso Moreira (place shot) scored the return goals.

In the complementary stage, and without the young Portuguese giving much to the Swedes, the tone dropped slightly and the show was not so attractive. Despite everything, Portugal scored again, in the 60th minute, when João Veloso, at the entrance to the small area, shot with a left foot, after an assist from Afonso Moreira.

The best Sweden managed was to reduce to 4-2, already in the last 10 minutes, when Leonardo de Oliveira, who had just entered, managed to beat Francisco Silva.

With this victory, Portugal assumes, in isolation, the head of group D, with 6 points. ), to guarantee qualification for the quarter-finals of the European Championship of the category, which takes place in Israel.

Remember the movie of the game:

End of game! Portugal 4 Sweden 2.

Four minutes of minimum additional time have been added to this second half.

80 minutes: Sweden goal! Leonardo de Oliveira, the first time he touched the ball, shot for the 4-2.

79 minutes: Double replacement in Sweden, with the departure of Karlsson and Kanga, for the entry of Wester and Leonardo de Oliveira.

77 mins: Bishesari’s error and clever Tiago Andrade shoot immediately, but the Swedish goalkeeper redeems himself in time and makes an excellent intervention.

74 minutes: Triple replacement for Portugal, with the departures of João Veloso, Ussumane Djaló and Afonso Moreira, for the entries of Manuel Mendonça, João Gonçalves and Tiago Andrade.

70 minutes: Interruption of the match to hydrate the players.

65 minutes: Double substitution for Portugal, with the departures of Dário Essugo and José Rodrigues, for the entries of Rafael Luís and Ivan Lima.

60 minutes: Portugal scores! Perfect cross from Afonso Moreira and João Veloso, at the entrance to the small area, he finished with his left foot, bringing the score to 4-1.

60 minutes: Afonso Moreira, after leaning from the right to the center, shot with his left foot, in the face of Bisherari.

56 mins: Ussumane Djaló’s left-footed shot, close to the halfpipe of the Swedish penalty area, for Bisherari to defend safely.

55 minutes: Double replacement in Sweden, with departures from Tannor and Bangala, for entries from Mokédé and Valdés.

54 minutes: Yellow card for Bangala.

47 minutes: Long pass from Afonso Moreira and Rodrigo Ribeiro, with the right foot, first shot for the cautious defense of Bishesari.

46 minutes: Replacement in Sweden, with the departure of Thorell and the entry of Perez Vinlof.

Beginning of the second part!

The team’s false start from corners, which saw Sweden take the lead in the 7th minute, was compensated for by a quick rehabilitation of José Lima’s men who, around the quarter-hour mark, began to dominate to complete the operations and counted several arrivals endangering the vast opposing area.

It is therefore not surprising that in the 32nd minute, Portugal equalize. Martim Fernandes took an excellent cross from the right and Rodrigo Ribeiro from the right spot, heading without a call or aggravation for the 1-1. The hardest part was done and, afterwards, the national quality prevailed, confirming the theoretical favoritism which had been pointed out to our national team at the start of this 2nd round of the European Under-17 Championship . Thus, and just five minutes later, the turnaround of the dashboard was consummated. And with an artistic note! João Veloso, with trivela, made it 2-1.

And the first half couldn’t have ended better: already in the compensation period, and after some great work by Ussumane Djaló, Afonso Moreira scored for the 3-1.

Portugal win in fairness and are halfway to earn three more points and be one step away from qualifying for the next phase.

Interval! Portugal 3 Sweden 1.

45 + 1 minutes: Good work by Ussumane Djaló, assist by Afonso Moreira who, at the entrance to the surface, finishes for 3-1.

Added a minimum of two minutes added time to the first half.

37 minutes: Portugal goal! João Veloso, on the edge of the area, shoots from a trivela for the 2-1.

32 minutes: Portugal goal! Cross from the right by Martim Fernandes and Rodrigo Ribeiro, with a header, shoots to score. 1-1.

29 minutes: João Veloso, already inside the box, withstood the pressure of two Swedish defenders and, after managing to turn, shot hard, but above.

25 minutes: Interruption of the game for hydration of the players.

24 mins: Rodrigo Ribeiro’s mid-range shot from the front, the ball approaching the right post of the Swedish goal.

17 minutes: Great opportunity for Portugal! Afonso Moreira and Rodrigo Ribeiro cross from the right, in the axis of the surface, directed towards a fine save by Bishesari.

13 minutes: Direct free kick from João Veloso, the ball deflecting the wall and going out through the baseline. Corner kick for Portugal, who tries to react to the downside in the marker.

12 minutes: Yellow card for Alvarez Perez.

7 minutes: Sweden goal! Center from the left of Tannor and Kanga, taking advantage of the passivity of the Portuguese central defenders, deflects the ball from Francisco Silva and opens the scoring. 0-1.

7 minutes: free kick from João Veloso and header from Diogo Monteiro on the face of Bishesari.

Game start!

National Under-17 coach José Lima is also new to the substitutes’ bench as the coach missed the game against Scotland in the first round for testing positive for Covid-19. is why he joined more afternoon for the Portuguese delegation that is in Israel to participate in this European Championship. In this duel with Scotland, it must be added, it was Rui Bento who guided the team from a corner.

Portugal present three changes from the game against Scotland: Francisco Silva, Martim Fernandes and Rodrigo Ribeiro come in for Diogo Fernandes, João Conceição and Ivan Lima.

Portugal: Francisco Silva, Martim Fernandes, João Muniz, Diogo Monteiro VSLeonardo Barroso, Dário Essugo, João Veloso, Ussumane Djalo, Afonso Moreira, José Rodrigues and Rodrigo Ribeiro

Replacements: Diogo Fernandes, João Conceição, Rafael Luís, Ivan Lima, Luís Gomes, Manuel Mendonça, Tiago Andrade, Vivaldo Semedo and João Gonçalves

Coach: Jose Lima

Sweden: Bishesari, Makolli, Alvarez Perez, Nissen VSHughes, Karlsson, Bangala, Ayari, Kanga, Thorell and Tannor

Replacements: Andersson, Tellgren, Perez Vinlof, Olsson Valdés, Mokédé, Rapp, Leonardo de Oliveira, Wester and Lindelov

Coach: Roger Franzen

Arbitrator: Willy Delajod (France)

Assistants: Erwan Finjean (France) and Matej Vlcek (Czech Republic)

4th Referee: Jasmin Sabotic (Luxembourg)

There are already teams!

José Lima’s men enter this round at the top of the group, with 3 points, just like Sweden who beat Denmark 2-1 on the first day.

After the rout (5-1) imposed on Scotland last Thursday, it is now Portugal’s turn to measure its strength against Sweden, in a match referring to the 2nd round of group D.

The national under-17 team returns to the field this Friday afternoon (2:30 p.m.) for another match of the European championship in the category, which takes place in Israel. As usual, A BOLA online will follow the match to the minute. Stay tuned…

Good afternoon!

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