Passed unnoticed! Remember Hollywood’s Biggest Movie Mistakes

Registration errors, small slips or even the so-called blunders happen all the time in any film production, I would even say in all of them. In fact, it ended up being part of the additional material provided in the versions of homemade videobecause the public loves to see the stars faint, have the giggles, notice the scenarios fall or the impromptu scenes.

However, some mistakes in particular that unintentionally end up going all the way to the final cut and therefore taking a lot of damage for the production. Many of them are also historical archives of period films, where the characters appear using or consuming products that did not even exist at the time covered.

And that is precisely what we will be talking about here this time, the biggest slip-ups in North American cinema, those ultimately grotesque details, but still passed unnoticed not only by the director and his team, but in the review of the companies production and even in previous screenings. . Also comment here if we forgot to mention an anthology and tell you which were the most notable for you.

Django Book (Sun glasses)

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Quentin Tarantino made another movie where he portrayed the story of a slave’s revenge, in the middle of the old west, which is brilliantly performed by Jamie Foxx. The film exudes style and charisma, even introducing hip hop amidst the classic soundtrack of Ennio Morricone and the familiar theme of the classic ‘Django‘.

Nevertheless ‘Django Book‘ brought foxx wearing, as part of his wardrobe, sunglasses, which have the style of the time, but Tarantino forgot one detail: at the time, sunglasses were only used on medical prescription, because it was not a fashion material, but as part of an eye treatment.

Pirates of the Caribbean (green apples)

Well if Tarantino made a mistake to get things done, then imagine Gore Verbinski ’emPirates of the Caribbean‘, which brought Captain Barbossa (Geoffrey Rush) eat a green apple… So don’t you think it’s too much? Yes, but all this is quite ignorant, because at that time, in 1728, the fruit did not even exist, appearing to the world only in 1868. That is almost 140 years after the events of Jack Sparrow’s film (Johnny Depp) and Company. Really, this Disney has wobbled quite a bit.

the Lord of the Rings (Wristwatch)

When the highlighted image is shown in this way, it looks like a joke or a montage when you see the actor Ian McKellen, which bring Gandalf to life, wearing a wristwatch in the midst of battle. It is incredible that this went unnoticed by peter jackson and his team, in addition to the Warner producers. But, yes, it’s one of the most iconic mistakes of a major Hollywood movie.

Gladiator (gas cylinder)

Speaking of an anthology error of great North American cinema, how not to quote the scene from the epic of Ridley ScottGladiator‘, where we see a gas cylinder behind a cart or tank controlled by the protagonist. The scene has become so well-known that on any list like this, it’s the first to be cited as an example that even the richest cinematic post-production in the world is capable of making mistakes.

Troy (airplane)

And continue with the epics, why not quote too ‘Troy‘, from Wolfgang Petersona film that shot well and brought brad pitt at its peak as Achilles. The feature film is not terrible overall, but the performance of Pitt was well worthy, however, let’s admit that the thing ended up being so badly finished that it is possible to see several errors in post-production. The crudest of them, without a doubt, is when you see a photo of Pitt’s high point and behind it is possible to notice a plane passing in the sky, where the team claims it was all just a trick of Photoshop, since the home video version does not reappear the error.

American sniper (fake baby)

Much of what happens in these errors is closely tied to producer negligence or even a certain idea of ​​”stick, stickis exactly what happens in the controversial film by Clint EastwoodAmerican sniperThe’. A scene. in particular, it caught the attention of many viewers who noticed the baby in the arms of Chris Kyle (played by bradley cooper), where it is clearly seen that it is a doll of those cockroaches that are sold everywhere. In other words, the post-production team didn’t even bother to digitally change the doll and bring movement to the shot in question.

the aviator (chocolate cookies)

Still on movie geniuses, trust me, even Martin Scorsese already wavered when the question is the historical context, and it happened in the big production ‘the aviator‘, featuring Leonardo by DiCrapio like Howard Hughes. In one scene, Hughes is seen buying chocolate cookies, which would be fitting if the moment hadn’t taken place before the 1930s, as the cookies in question weren’t created until 1932, making it impossible to purchase.

Titanic (Lake Wissota)

The Lord Leonardo DiCaprio again starred in the error of a great movie, i.e. one of the greatest movies of all time,’Titanic‘. People didn’t know that Jack (Di Caprio) tells Rose that he and his father were catching fish in Lake Wissota, which is a good story to tell a girl, the problem is that the Titanic sank in 1912 and Lake Wissota did not form until 1917, five years later. Neither james cameron who is also a physicist escaped the error of dates.

Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets (camera operator)

One of the most common errors to appear in movies is when microphones, part of cameras or certain details of the film set appear, however in ‘Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets‘ we don’t just see the full camera, but even the full body operator among the wizards of Hogwarts. In the image below, you can clearly see the man using the equipment while Draco Malfoy even almost points in his direction. How did the post-production team not notice something so grotesque?

Forrest Gump (Apple)

Forrest Gump‘ is a film that speaks in itself of historical revisionism, however, there is no way to escape it, since the film has a chronology. At one point, for example, Forrest (tom hank) receives a letter from Apple, and at that time the character is in 1975. The fact is that the rainbow logo of Apple was not designed until the following year, and Apple did not didn’t start marketing publicly until 1981. Something that would make it impossible for Forrest to get that letter.

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