Martim Sousa Tavares and the accident that plunged him into a coma. “I thought I would never walk again” – Celebrities

The “Idols” galas begin this Saturday, May 21 and Martim Sousa Tavares will be at the jury table. Along with Joana Marques, Ana Bacalhau and Pedro Tatanka, the 30-year-old conductor will assess the performances of budding singers.

“Idols”. Jurors (from left to right): Martim Sousa Tavares, Joana Marques, Ana Bacalhau, Pedro Tatanka)

credits: sic

” data-title=”Martim Sousa Tavares and the accident that left him in a coma. “I thought I would never walk again” – MAGG”>

“Idols”. Jurors (from left to right): Martim Sousa Tavares, Joana Marques, Ana Bacalhau, Pedro Tatanka) credits: sic

Martim was this Saturday the guest of “High Definition” and, in a retrospective of his professional and personal journey, addressed one of the most delicate moments of his life: a serious motorcycle accident. “I had three days that don’t exist in my memory because I was in intensive care, I think in an artificial coma. Because a lady, who was driving in the car, at a crossroads, was writing a message. She I don’t see myself passing in front of him.”, recalls the teacher.

“I remember that split second, when I realized that she wasn’t going to stop the car, that this car was going to hit me…it’s like fate had come to me and had me say ‘now you’re going to foot the bill for deciding to go motorcycling,’ he said.

The massive crash resulted in an open fracture to a leg. “I saw a lot of blood coming out of the cuffs of my pants, I realized I had one leg in a position that looked like spaghetti, and I thought I’d never be able to walk again. The adrenaline was on. so intense that I tried to get up when I had the accident”. The driver was transported to a hospital in Lisbon and it is there that he is placed in an artificial coma. “Then there was a case of medical negligence there, which caused me to have a pulmonary embolism and that’s when I ‘extinguished’,” the driver explained.

Martim spent a summer doing physiotherapy, having fully recovered his mobility. “I received compensation for physical and moral damage. I took that money and went to buy another bigger motorcycle,” the driver recalled, adding that he did not want to be afraid to move around in this vehicle.

“This teacher must have had an opinion contrary to that of my father and decided to take revenge on her son”

Son of Miguel Sousa Tavares and journalist Laurinda Alves, and grandson of poet Sophia de Mello Breyner Andresen, Martim grew accustomed to living with the weight of nicknames and family heritage from an early age. The conductor recalled two episodes during which he was marked by the not always positive impact of his father’s opinions on the public: the first, with a teacher, who gave him the only negative mark in his career university. “Without my saying anything, she had already fallen on me and I was mistreated all that year. This teacher insisted on sending me to the street, denying me, so much so that she let me down,” he recalls, contextualizing. “It was around the time when the reform of the teacher career progression model was being done and this teacher must have had a contrary opinion to that of my father and decided to take revenge on her son”.

The second, more serious, a theft from the father. “It had been professional work. The PC was very clear right away. And they didn’t take anything of value. They could have taken jewelry, they could have taken paintings, they only took the computer, which was the way he had to express himself. Of course, to see if there was anything compromising in there, probably to blackmail him, but as a metaphor. ‘We’re putting a gag on you in the mouth, see if you get the message,'” Martim says, adding that his father reacted with “sportsmanship” to the episode.

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