Famously angry at a homophobic ‘attack’ in Portugal. “Disgust and Repudiation”

EThis weekend, a video started circulating on social media that reports an alleged homophobic attack filmed during a train journey in Portugal. The images show a visibly altered woman, who, in the middle of an argument with a young man, decides to insult him on the basis of his sexual orientation.

The musician Agir could not remain indifferent to the video in question and decided to share it on his Instagram page, accompanied by a message where he clearly expresses his indignation.

“As understandable as we try to be and as much as we know that not everyone had the same upbringing, it’s impossible for me not to feel disgust and repudiation for someone like that. I think really that a person like that is practically irrecoverable. Unfortunately. , evil exists. This person has pure evil in him. It can even be dangerous for those around him. It is imperative to call the police in a situation like this. this.

In the middle of the 21st century, this is unacceptable. Images like these bring us out of our bubble and give us a reality check that completely shakes us. In my group of friends no one thinks or talks like that and therefore I think things have already changed but then I see this and realize that there is still so much, but so much to do .

It’s not men in skirts we should be ashamed of, but human beings like that.”

Rita Pereira was also uncomfortable and angry at the passivity of those who watched the alleged attack live.

“How come nobody does anything? How come nobody stands up and makes this lady realize that she’s wrong, that she can’t say these things and that she needs to calm down , and that she will file a criminal complaint They all sat quietly in their seats as if they were listening to the song ‘Girl from Ipanema’, typical of any elevator or train… It’s not possible!

Maybe this lady is having a bad day, something bad happened to her and everything, but this guy doesn’t have to go through this his whole life just because he was born to love someone of the same gender.

We can’t be wow, super pro-LGBT and witness this fearless and serene. It’s not being pro-LGBT, it’s being on this lady’s side. Do you understand me? Silence also makes you this lady“, can we read in his sharing.

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