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What is Lorazepam and what does it do?

It is a most unfortunate fact that most of us have been in situations where you have to turn to some kind of medication to deal with some really hard psychological situations. There is a really wide array of moments where you might need the help of a medicine and there is no use trying to count them all. Today we wanted to give you some basic info about one of the most used medicines that are connected to treating anxiety and depression. Lorazepam is the name, but it also goes under the brand name Ativan. You have probably heard of the name but now we will try to go over the facts about it so that you know what you are dealing with.

As we have already said, Lorazepam is a drug used for treating anxiety disorders. It is a prescribed medicine and you are not going to find it in the free sale. It is available in pharmacies both as a pill and as an injection. Injections of Lorazepam are used to treat more severe issues like seizures and dangerous panic attacks while the pill is used as an anti-depressant and an anxiety control medicine. It is a drug from the class of benzodiazepines, medicines that are used to reduce anxiety, insomnia, relax and stop any seizure activity.

Being such a powerful medicine, it must go with some side effects. All benzodiazepines have them but the specific side effect depends on the kind that is being prescribed. The mechanism is based on the enhancement of the effects that gamma-aminobutyric acid has on the brain. This acid has a calming effect and these drugs are used to maximize that effect and reduce any kind of cause that might produce the stress. The function of GABA is to slow down (or in some cases stop) signals that are sent through the brain, in this case those that produce stress and panic.

Falling into the category of sedatives used for mild tranquilization (also known as central nerve system depressants), this is a medicine that should be used with care. The good thing is that the concentration of Lorazepam in blood is quickly reduced so there is little risk of overdosing. That, of course, doesn’t mean that you should get careless with it. Another good thing is that it rarely comes into reaction with other medicine so it can be used almost in all cases when there is also other treatment going on. Still, there are some side effect like sleepiness, weakness and such that could produce trouble so it must be carefully used. In the later articles we are going to go in-depth with this popular medicine. For now, this is some basic information that you should know before you begin your treatment. As it can’t be purchased without prescription, you will have to go through the whole procedure with your doctor so you will see for yourself what the other characteristics are.