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Active ingredient of Lorazepam – the calming chemical

We have already mentioned that Lorazepam is one of the most widely used medicines when it comes to treating anxiety attacks. This would be very hard if it weren’t for its active ingredient, Lorazepam itself. It is a white powder, very hardly dissolvable in water. This is the main and only active ingredient of the medicine, no matter what name it goes under. Since this is the main part of the drug, its strength is measured by the amount of it in one pill or tablet. Thus, you will find Lorazepam tablet with 0.5, 1 or 2 milligrams of the active chemical.

While it has been studied and tested, the test subjects have been taking high doses of Lorazepam and the tests have shown that there is no effect on the functioning of the heart or the respiratory system which was of high importance because sedatives might bring to some complications if they are of some other kind. Lorazepam on the other hand is absorbed effectively and it dissolves in the blood with high efficiency. Peak of its concentration in the blood plasma is achieved around two hours after ingestion and after that it starts declining. Half a day after ingestion it should be clear from the cardiovascular system. Another important thing is that it is not accumulating and thus does not produce any complications in the long run.

Bonding to plasma proteins is something that Lorazepam does very well. In the concentration that is aimed at, around 85% of it is going to bind. Then it goes through the system, enhancing the functioning of GABA and calming the person using it. After conjugation of the medicine it is processed and transferred to urine through which it is thrown out of the organism.

Another interesting thing about Lorazepam is that age does not affect the working of the medicine in a big way. Still, the important thing about it is that it should never be used before seeking counsel from a doctor first because there are side effects that have to be considered before starting treatment. This is a good way of dealing with stress and anxiety but anti-anxiety agents are not to be taken lightly and they need every bit of our attention.

Other (inactive) ingredients of Lorazepam are not of great importance as they have little to no effect to the person taking the treatment. They are as following: Hypromellose, lactose, magnesium stearate, corn starch. These are only the fillers needed to create the tablet form and have no effect on the functioning of the medicine itself. Now that you know more about Lorazepam you can go on to seeing what are the effects and benefits of this anxiety cure and how you can benefit from treatment with it if you have issues that need to be solved. In any case, your doctor will give you the most accurate assessment and tell you exactly how and when to use this drug.